What is Stratis (STRAT)?

Stratis (STRAT) is a powerful and flexible blockchain platform designed to help businesses create private, specific blockchain applications easily without having to know a lot about blockchain programming. Stratis API framework allows enterprises to speed up blockchain creation and simplify their related development process.

Stratis, in other words, allows these organizations to develop their own blockchains easily and quickly at no cost. In addition to building a platform, Stratis also provides consulting services to businesses, should they need guidance when working with Stratis technology. At the same time, Stratis also supports customers wishing to build and host decentralized applications to understand their smart contract needs better.

How does the Stratis platform work?

Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) service platform that facilitates the development of blockchain-based applications. Use lite clients, side chains, and APIs, so you don’t have to support the entire blockchain network.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

As a BaaS service platform, Stratis stores blockchains that run on the network through the clouds. There is no need to maintain a top client node enough to access or work with your particular blockchain. This helps to free up energy for the organization instead of spending a considerable amount of time and resources to do so.

One-click deployment

Similar to Ark, Stratis focuses on ease of use through one-click blockchain implementation. You can quickly deploy a custom sidechain, with many of them out of box features found in the main chain.

In addition to the Stratis blockchain, though, there are many others that also implement one-click. You can easily find this on major platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, and BitShares.


Each blockchain that you deploy using Stratis is an individual sidechain. This sidechain allows customization while you still leverage the main chain’s secure infrastructure.

Alternatively, you can alter your particular blockchain without affecting other chains in the network.

Integrated fiat port

The team is building the platform in such a way that businesses can transfer traditional currencies on the blockchain. To put it simply, the platform will use digital tokens equivalent to the traditional money transferred.

With this, organizations can both comply with regulations and leverage new technology.

ICO platform

Thanks to the development of sub-chains, Stratis can also become an ICO platform. With this platform, you can do your own ICO project on the Stratis blockchain network.

Stratis structure

Stratis is built on Bitcoin’s full node platform using C #, Microsoft.NET, and the NBitcoin library. The team preferred C # over C ++, Bitcoin Core’s first language because it is easier to maintain and is more prevalent in commercial applications.

Features of Stratis

  • When you use Stratis, you can get everything done with just a very small touch. Since Stratis is blockchain-based, its integration is incredibly fast, allowing you to deploy a custom sidechain with multiple features across the entire network.
  • Separate independence means you can run custom applications on separate sidechains in parallel. You can change any of the applications on the blockchain without affecting other parts of the network.
  • Stratis contains powerful tools such as Stratis Bitcoin Full Node, LibConsensus, and Nbitcoin. They all have the same goal of helping to connect consensus codes, establishing information into a coherent and valid block.
  • Operating on the Bitcoin Full node platform using C #, Microsoft, so Stratis not only operates fast data processing, but it is also easier to maintain and repair the system than other applications.


Stratis is a global company formed by a team of distributors and business managers, developers, consultants, marketing, and sales professionals. The Stratis corporate headquarters are located in the UK and incorporated under the name Stratis Group Ltd.

Chris Trew: Founder and Managing Director of Stratis. He has over ten years of experience in the corporate IT industry. At the same time, it is a free developer for the BlitZ project. In Stratis’ first steps, Trew joined the famous technologist Nicolas Dorier, who wrote Bitcoin Core and a book that teaches and provides information on “Blockchain programming in C #.”


Stratis is definitely an interesting coin. With extremely good features and benefits for corporate customers, Stratis in the future holds even more promise.

As an intermediary bridge, Stratis helps to connect businesses with customers through information building and storage features to build smart contracts in full precision and detail. Stratis has also become essential for businesses to build a secure and convenient infrastructure for themselves.

You can check STRAT price here.

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