What is Storm (STORM)?

Storm is a digital currency used in the Storm Market platform that was developed by StromX based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology and using smart contracts in it to create a new market. There, people can earn Strom easily and conveniently to use to buy any item through the company’s services, including Storm Play, Storm Shop, Storm GIG.

How does Storm work?

The Storm platform works through three separate apps to help people make money and buy and sell, including:

Storm Play: This is the existing mobile app of the StormX company that helps users make money by watching ads or testing new products and writing reviews. The application uses blockchain technology and users complete these advertising-related opportunities to earn rewards.

Storm Shop: Storm Shop is an app that makes money by buying certain products and services through the market.

Storm GIG: A form of making money through surveys.

Characteristics of the Storm

  • Reduced transaction fees compared to traditional micro markets (StormX will charge 1% GAS, compared to 40% on current transactions).
  • Reduce friction between buyers and sellers without brokers.
    When completing small tasks, the player will receive a small bonus.
  • Reduce counterparty risks and dispute resolution costs by enforcing the terms of commitments in the smart contract.
  • Giving both Storm Players and Storm Makers access to a wider audience, helping businesses complete micro-tasks more effectively while providing skilled freelancers with more income opportunities.


Simon Yu is the CEO and co-founder. He is considered a young entrepreneur full of enthusiasm, passion and hard work. He is also highly regarded for his ability to learn and apply new skills quickly to solve problems and come up with innovative solutions to handle any problem.

Rui Maximo is the CTO of the company. He has over 25 years of experience in software development, and is personally responsible for creating more than 20 commercial products.

Arry Yu is a COO of the company with over 20 years of experience in that position at major companies such as Google, Microsoft, KPMG, and Expedia, Arry.

In addition, Storm has a team of advisors and support by some of the leading experts in the field of blockchain including:

Bill Shihara – CEO and founder of Bittrex

Charles Hoskinson – CEO of IOHK; former CEO and co-founder of Ethereum

Anthony Di Iorio – CEO and founder of Jaxx and Decentral; Co-founder of Ethereum


Storm launched a unique market based on microinstructions and smart contracts. Storm is one of the first blockchain-based reward systems in the world to complete micro-tasks, such as answering questions about surveys or testing new products. Storm encourages player engagement by offering them incentives, to achieve certain ‘ranks’ throughout the journey involved in completing missions.

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