What is Status (SNT)?

Status (SNT) is an open-source messaging platform and mobile operating system intended to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum network. Status is designed as a decentralized browser and private messaging, it allows users to connect to the entire Ethereum network easily.

Status gives users access to all of DApps of Ethereum through just one mobile app. Status opens up the opportunity for widespread adoption of DApps decentralized applications by targeting the fastest growing operating systems in the world, such as iOS and Android on smartphones. Smartphone users will quickly realize that using Ethereum and its DApps has never been so easy and convenient.

What is Status technology?

Built on peer-to-peer technology, Status is a digital currency that provides not only a free trading environment and media, but also a window to access the decentralized world of Ethereum.

Status will be the simulation platform after China’s popular mobile app, WeChat, with 889 million users by the end of 2016.

Status is not just a regular messaging platform, it also helps users send payments and smart contracts to friends from inside chats, with the default using peer-to-peer protocol without relying on centralized servers.

The combination of messaging platform and ad-hoc network will lay the foundation for Status to build targeting tools to meet users’ digital needs, such as money management, service delivery and community building.

With this platform, the cryptocurrency development team Status will provide a decentralized environment where users can interact without intermediaries.

In addition, developers can build additional tools on a transparent system that ensures privacy and allows people to use smart contracts as simply as possible.

How does Status work?

Status acts as a mobile gateway to interact with decentralized applications (DApps). DApps offer greater security and privacy than traditional mobile partners, running through a centralized server.

A number of DApps have been listed on the Status.im website including well-known Ethereum DApps such as Oasis Exchange, Gnosis, Aragon, Etherisc, Ethlance and uPort.

Status helps users discover and access a decentralized economy.

DApps like uPort can be used to declare digital assets using an autonomous identification system, Gnosis provides complex market forecasts and Aragon allows users to create decentralized companies and organizations.


The Status project’s development team consists of more than 40 members worldwide and a total of ten experienced advisors. The majority of employees are engineers focused on developing the core platform as well as creating decentralized applications. The rest of the group is in charge of business activities such as community management, advertising, legal, etc.

Here are some key members of the Status project:

Jarrad Hope: Co-founder and consultant. Hope once founded Opuence – specializing in providing applications and software. This company has reached an extremely high revenue of about 20 million USD after just over 2 years of operation.

Carl Bennetts: He is a co-founder and also supports communications and marketing.

Roman Volosovskyi: Volosovskyi is considered to be the inventor and director of the project. In addition, he also held the position of software engineering engineer at ZEO Alliance.

Alexander Pantyukhov: Co-created and invented the Clojure project with the Java and Android platforms later.

Andrey Shovkoplyas: Also a member of the Clojure project. Shovkoplyas has held the position of senior software manager at Reasoning.


Since Status coin was established, it has created secure payment, decentralized apps like Google Play of Android and iOS’s App Store, Stickers that promote emotions as well as browse the pages built inside the user’s Status. Status coins can mostly solve the problem that most Cryptocurrencies face as well as make direct, easier transactions.

You can check SNT price here.

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