What is Solve.Care (SOLVE)?

Solve.Care (SOLVE) is a decentralized platform built for healthcare, coordination of care, and payment management. Solve simplifies administrative steps and speeds payments to healthcare providers across the globe. The Solve platform utilizes advanced technologies such as Blockchain, smart contract, machine learning and distributed computing.

Through its platform, Solve.Care is seeking ways to overcome problems with profit management and healthcare models that exist today in most countries around the world. Solve shows an innovative approach to connecting all parties to the care management network with the goal of synchronizing all stakeholders in a complex management and care coordination process.

Solve brings many initiatives together to address these issues: Care.Protocol, Care.Wallet, Care.Cards, Care.Coins, Care.Community and Care.Marketplace. These initiatives plus a decentralized benefits management model that uses Blockchain, distributed ledgers and smart contracts provide a whole new way to manage and coordinate care globally.

Model and operation of Solve

  • Care.Wallet is an e-wallet for personal care and an application box for connecting to other wallets online through Care.Protocol. They simulate user preferences and keep smart apps, Care.Card and Care.Coin. They can synchronize themselves with other wallets and can coordinate and manage medical records.
  • Care.Cards is the mobile application in Care.Wallet. They are equivalent to an application store medium downloaded from Care.MarketPlace. However, Care.Cards are not like general applications; they have access to all platform structures.
  • Care.Coin is a smart payment token that is transparent and cannot cheat transaction data. Tokens are designed to simplify the payment process for suppliers.
  • Care.Protocol is used to connect and synchronize data between wallets, cards, coins between related parties to combine care and automatic transactions.

Benefits of the Solve platform

For Patient

  • Create an instant appointment with the doctor
  • Understand their own insurance
  • Access their medical records anytime
  • Review and pay bills

For Employers

  • Welfare management
  • Minimize health care costs
  • Employee reward
  • Provide reasonable benefit packages

For Doctors & Hospitals

  • Easily handle appointments
  • Give the patient a prescription
  • Can coordinate with experts
  • Accurate access to records

For Administration & Insurance

  • Connect with all stakeholders
  • Personalized care treatment
  • Accurate and timely payment
  • Reduce the cost of centralized systems


Pradeep Goel (CEO): He has more than 26 years of experience in the field of IT healthcare. He built 4 healthcare IT companies and topped the list of fastest-growing INC500 companies many times. He is also on the list of the 100 most promising entrepreneurs worldwide published by CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Vadym Vorobiov (Chief Technology Officer): He is an expert in software development related to product design, development and application. Vadym has spent over a decade building the Health and Human Services industry and implementing business systems for government and commercial organizations.

David Randall (Senior Policy Advisor): He received his Ph.D. in Political Science (Policy and Governance Analysis) from Kent State University. He is currently the Executive Director and Resident Scholar at the United States Institute for Policy and Research (www.arapi.org) in Washington, DC. Dr. Randall has extensive experience as a former leading insurance director, legislative officer, and healthcare lobby, advising and operating with insurance companies and some supplier trade group in Washington.


With the application of Blockchain technology in the healthcare service industry, the project has brought an effective solution in the healthcare of customers.

In the future, when customers, insurance companies, doctors, and service providers realize the project’s potential and participate in the project’s ecosystem, it forces people to use copper. SOLVE for payment. As a result, the demand for SOLVE Token will increase, greatly affecting the price of SOLVE Token.

You can check Solve price here.

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