What is ShareRing (SHR)?

ShareRing (SHR) is an on-demand platform. It centralizes a highly fragmented sharing economy by aggregating shared services across all industries and geographic areas. Using their decentralized marketplace, users can securely access, pay, and connect services all the world. We are developing an ecosystem that is basically Amazon for the sharing economy.

ShareRing is built on distributed ledger technology, allowing the creation of a transparent, decentralized ecosystem that includes:

ShareRing application

Imagine getting off the plane and knowing all your travel needs can be safely booked and managed from your phone! No more juggling passports, passport or bank cards.

ShareRing shop

Buy or sell anything with ShareRing’s multi-merchant division platform, fulfill your business needs with an easy-to-access service and offer same-day delivery to customers within 5 km of their shop.

ShareRing ID

ShareRing’s flagship identity product, it’s time for a decentralized, manageable and secure identity management system.

ShareRing Pay

ShareRing Pay is our stablecoin that ‘hides’ crypto confusion from end-users. Payment for services and goods between the user and the service provider will be made using SharePay (SHRP).


ShareLedger is an immutable, custom-designed blockchain database, built on top of the Tendermint blockchain. It is fast, highly scalable, and extremely flexible compared to existing platforms like Ethereum.

ShareToken (SHR)

SHR is the ‘gas’ of the ledger. It is given to node holders to provide a consensus model of the ecosystem. It is also the ‘transaction fee’ that providers pay to use the blockchain.

Features and benefits

The ShareLedger blockchain platform will offer on traditional cloud/server shared platforms:

Transaction verification ‘sharing’ is quick and easy.

  • Immutable records of data.
  • Additional properties can be added to the account, such as ID confirmation, rental history, property ownership, etc.
  • SharePay (SHRP) is used by customers to pay the rental of the property. Providers use ShareToken (SHR) to pay for their access to the ShareLedger blockchain, including asset additions, asset leasing, adding properties, adding smart contracts, and other features.
  • A vendor can earn SharePay by renting out their assets (e.g. a car), then using those tokens to rent an apartment, thanks to a multidisciplinary application.
  • Earn extra tokens by hosting a button.
  • Custom “rules” can be added to your content or wallet to allow different scenarios of “sharing”.
  • Flexible: You choose your availability, rules, policies, and pricing.
  • Cost-effective: No contract lock, extremely low fees.
  • Secure: All users are pre-verified through their One ID that gives you complete peace of mind.
  • Informative: We provide you with advice and analysis to get the most out of our booking engine.


ShareRing has developed an open-source blockchain-based platform. Their custom-designed distributed ledger, ShareLedger, harvests one of the most recent developments in blockchain technology, a dual token mechanism.

ShareRing has developed a number of protocols on the ShareLedger blockchain (using the Tendermint framework), including an autonomous ID system, token-based rewards, a blockchain-based booking system, a blockchain-based escrow system, property management system, and so on.

These protocols can be built by third parties separately or together with the rest of the modules. Additionally, ShareRing was among the first to introduce a dual token mechanism when the project was first announced in 2018.

What is SHR token?

SHR is the ‘gas’ of the ledger. It is given to node holders to provide a consensus model of the ecosystem. There are also ‘transaction fees’ paid by vendors to use the blockchain.

ShareRing ecosystem

Car Sharing & Rental

Providers with a fleet of cars can easily deploy blockchain technology, with different levels of integration.

Hotel & Short-stay Accommodation

ShareRing sets the standard for a seamless hotel booking and short stay experience, delivering the future of travel that is convenient, safe, sustainable and affordable.


ShareLedger streamlines, modernizes, and enhances the obsolete insurance infrastructure.

Logistics & Transportation

ShareLedger defines a new era of frictionless, uninterrupted supply chain logistics and logistics.


Increase sales, fast delivery and ease of use. Get your business online and become a ShareRing Shop partner today.


Easily integrate your crypto token into the ShareRing ecosystem. Enhance token extensions and allow your owners to purchase or purchase services across multiple industries.


ShareLedger can revive charities by ensuring trust, security, and transparency in the distributing and fundraising process.



Tim Bos – CEO and Co-Founder

He is an experienced blockchain engineer and entrepreneur who has founded several sharing services, including global car-sharing platform Keaz, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the United States. In his past life, he served as Deputy Director at Barclays Capital, Program Manager at Avanade (a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture) and Project Manager at GE Capital.

Peter David – Non-Executive Director and Co-Founder

Peter has a lifetime of experience in every aspect of the burgeoning global technology businesses. As CEO, COO, or general manager, he has led a number of startups to achieve total revenues of more than $ 300 million. In 2013, he founded Keaz with Tim Bos and is currently the company’s CEO.

Neville Christie – Non-Executive Director and Co-Founder

As a gray-haired member of the ShareRing group, as well as our Chief Investment Officer, Neville Christie’s career covers a wide range of areas and roles. At various times, he has acted as chair, facilitator, innovator, entrepreneur, business mentor, venture banker, chair of strategic innovation boards, and futurist.


The ShareRing platform is built on distributed ledger technology, which means that every transaction is secure and the user’s identity is checked and authorized before a lease takes place. This also allows for a quicker and safer booking process. ShareRing offers lower fees for both sellers and users; with seamless cross-border payments.

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