What is Seele-N (SEELE)?

Seele coin (SEELE) is the first coin in blockchain generation 4.0. As before Bitcoin was introduced to the world in 2009, it is considered the blockchain platform 1.0. In 2013, Ethereum introduced us to a completely new concept of smart contracts, which is the typical technology of Blockchain 2.0. By 2017 a series of emerging ICO projects such as EOS, DFINITY and Cosmos with better working performance, strong governance and cross-chain solutions and other technologies. This is considered as the 3rd generation of blockchain technology 3.0.

However, soon there will be a project that can be seen as a revolution of blockchain technology with more progress and more impact on the industry. The Seele coin project is considered by many to be a blockchain 4.0 product, besides features similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it will focus on scalability, flexibility and applicability to the real world. It has an economic system that can be used for governance, healthcare, IoT, games, social apps, fintech and more, etc.

Seele consensus algorithm

Seele is supported by the MPoW (Matrix-Proof-of-Work) algorithm, an innovative PoW consensus algorithm developed by SeeleTech and implemented in Seele’s main network. Compared to the conventional PoW consensus algorithm, MPoW requires operators to calculate the determinants of sub-matrices from a matrix built with n other hash functions. It involves a number of steps that can effectively prevent ASIC and GPU dominating the network.


Maolin Zheng: CEO – PhD in operational research
Shawn Xin: PhD in Mathematics
Luke Tseng: Doctor of Physics
Eva Chen: PhD in computer science
Tim Yang: Software engineer
Tony Pang: Software engineer

Advantages of Blockchain 4.0 gives users

Here are some of Seele’s advantages in 4th generation blockchain technology:

They still bring together the advantages that 3rd generation blockchains offer, including consensus, the ability to confirm transactions quickly, cross chains and better governance.

This is groundbreaking research in the internet revolution that connects all blockchain systems, including BTC and ETH. In addition, Seele also wants to build a separate algorithm when the number of visitors is larger, the faster the transaction is processed.

Seele’s governance mechanism is more innovative, so it enhances the efficiency and fairness of transactions. Different token systems with decentralized and unregulated exchange rates.

Seele provides a complete ecosystem of leading blockchain technology, architecture and applications. It allows all kinds of resources worldwide to exchange information and do business more effectively.

Currently, Seele coin is conducting many studies to make improvements for this generation of blockchain 4.0. Seele is currently working with Stanford, UCLA, Oxford and IBM Watson to study data interactions and chain breaks.

Features of Seele

The developers’ goal is to introduce a new blockchain to the world that will meet growing requirements for speed and security. Thanks to the “layer” structure, Seele will ensure the interaction of all networks on the Internet, bringing the idea of ​​cross-chain to a new level.

The project team proposed changing the consensus mechanism, to introduce a new basic network architecture, protocols and HTTP protocols, as well as TCP / UDP protocols. This will reduce the number of bugs in the network, increase scalability, expand areas where blockchain can be used, focusing on the “Internet of Things”.

The use of “heterogeneous” blockchain is innovation. The network will consist of many blockchains acting as one. Each sub blockchain will be responsible for a specific field of activity, such as Finance or information storage. The cooperation of the components will be possible through the use of neural networks, which will be supported by the user. Thanks to blockchain splitting, Seele can be used in all areas of activity.

Using platform tokens, it is planned to encourage others to use Seele instead of centralized services. As a result, the project contributes to the promotion of decentralized networks and blockchain. The structure of the network implies that the more nodes, the faster the transaction is processed. Therefore, the money will be used to reward nodes and to make transaction fees.


This project is full of fun and ambition. Seele is committed to creating a global, fast and secure blockchain for all industries.

The project considers itself to be an ambitious fourth generation blockchain. Developers have launched EOS – a representation of the third generation. As you can see, Seele developers want to jump higher and eliminate young competitors from the market. It seems like everything is going according to the developers’ plan. The project shows a well-thought-out theoretical model.

You can check Seele price here.

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