What is Ripio Credit Network (RCN)?

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) is a smart contract-based global credit network designed to connect lenders and borrowers anywhere in the world and in any currency. Smart contracts connect agencies with information about the borrower’s identity with the borrower’s credit risk analysis agency impartially. Ripio Credit Network standardizes credit lending through blockchain technology. A cosigner acts as a reinsurance distribution company and reduces lenders’ risk and, at the same time, improves contractual terms by keeping access to the borrower’s internal management system.

Ripio Credit Network was formerly known as BitPagos. The name Ripio means “gravel” in Spanish. The name was chosen because gravel serves as a foundation for new roads, like “Ripio aims to build new roads in the digital economy.” The RCN whitepaper also describes the company as “one of the most promising bitcoin startups in Latin America. ”

The Ripio Credit Network platform was first launched in May 2016. The token sale takes place throughout October. The fully-featured platform is expected to launch in April 2018.

How does Ripio Credit Network work?

RCN aims to provide value by reducing traditional bank brokerage fees and management fees. The end result is a better credit option than any existing platform, with better terms available to both parties.

RCN also aims to neutralize the credit risk of lenders by including an intermediary agent called “Cosigner”. In case of default, there is an “alternative mechanism to manage debt collection in the borrower’s home country.”

RCN is not a new startup. The company introduced a digital wallet called Ripio. BitPagos gives merchants access to bitcoin-based financial services, while Ripio allows users to send, receive, store, buy or sell bitcoins in local currencies. Overall, Ripio has 100,000 users across Latin America.


Ripio is led by founder and CEO Sebastian Serrano, former CEO of DevsAr.

David Garcia – SVP Board member
Eugenio Cocimano – Data scientist
Juan Mendez – Head of Growth
Antonio Ceraso – CTO and blockchain developer
Facundo Rodriguez – Blockchain developer
Pablo Lefort – Full Stack Developer
Agustin Aguilar – Smart contract developer

Ripio founder and chief executive Sebastian Serrano says that the company’s main goal is to democratize the digital economy in Latin America, providing digital payment options within the scope of people in an area where 65% are still unregulated.


Ripio Credit Network, or RCN, is a blockchain-based lending solution that connects lenders with borrowers. Lenders can earn high-interest rates on their money, while borrowers can access loans easily beyond conventional credit and financial systems.

You can check RCN price here.

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