What is Reserve Rights (RSR)?

Reserve Rights (RSR) is a global stablecoin that provides an electronic payment system to serve people and businesses, especially in countries with high inflation rates. The purpose of the team is to create stablecoins, decentralized, and backed by real assets. At the same time, they created a global payment system based on this solution.

The Reserve protocol consists of two tokens: Reserve token (RSV – a decentralized cryptocurrency). Reserve Rights token (RSR – a cryptocurrency used to facilitate the stability of the Reserve token and exchange crypto rights to purchase reserve tokens as the network grows).

Reserve Rights token

The Reserve protocol interacts with three types of tokens:

  • Reserve token (RSV) – a stable cryptocurrency that can be kept and spent the way we use US dollars and other stable fiat currencies.
  • Reserve Rights Token (RSR) – a cryptocurrency used to facilitate the stability of reserve tokens.
  • Collateral tokens – other assets held by the Reserve smart contract to regain the value of the Reserve token, similar to when the US government uses it to support the US dollar in gold. The protocol is designed to hold collateral tokens worth at least 100% of the value of all Reserve tokens. Many collateral tokens will be tokenized in real-world assets such as property, tokenized bonds, and commodities. The portfolio will start to be relatively simple and diversify over time as many types of assets are tokenized.


This project development team is a collection of people who believe that cryptocurrencies can outperform fiat money. And there is no current option that can expand for global use, maintaining steady purchasing power. The group’s goal is to make the currency the easiest to strike, the strongest economically, and the strongest to attack and over time, convince a large part of the world to replace other currencies with this one.

Nevin Freeman is the co-founder and CEO of the project. Nevin oversees strategic, legal and team coordination at Reserve. Nevin is an entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies. His mission in life is to solve coordination problems that are preventing mankind from reaching its potential. And he is particularly interested in preventing the long-term risks of artificial intelligence development.

Matt Elder is the co-founder and CTO of Reserve. Matt is designing, analyzing and monitoring the Reserve Stability Protocol and the implementation protocol of the Reserve protocol. Previously, he worked as a technician for Google, Quixey and the Linux Standard Base (IBM); His graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are in program analysis.


Reserve is the third project to be sold on Huobi Global’s IEO Huobi Prime platform after the previous two projects, NEW and TOP. Overall, the Reserve has highlights of vision, mechanism, and support that interest the community.

You can check RSR price here.

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