What is Populous (PPT)?

Populous (PPT) is a financial and invoicing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Populous uses XBRL data, Z-SCORE formulas, smart contracts, stable tokens to create a unique global trading environment for investors and sellers to exchange invoices from around the world. Currently, Populous is creating the next generation in the invoice finance market.

Populous is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (VME). This has given us the opportunity to create a platform that allows everyone to participate in an alternative financial market that is currently only available to banks, financial institutions, family offices and goverment. So by allowing investors to use cryptocurrencies on the platform, investors from anywhere in the world, can invest in an invoice.

How does Populous work?

Populous is based on the distribution of Pokens.

When the invoice is sponsored by the investor, Pokens is sent to the seller of the invoice. Pokens can be exchanged for fiat currency or transferred to an external Ethereum wallet.

Pokens work in two different ways: internal and external platforms.

  • The internal platform, Populous manages the internal ledger with the account balance of each borrower and investor for each currency.
  • The external platform, Populous provides a publicly accessible smart contract for each token.

PPT tokens are based on the ERC20 token standard. The Populous Blockchain itself is a combination of Ethereum and RSK blockchains. Other technologies used with Populous include XBRL, the Z-Point formula, Smart Contracts, Stability tokens, and other tools.

What problems does Populous solve?

Populous has become another popular cryptocurrency, gaining a lot of trust from investors because it is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (VME). This is the key of Populous different from other cryptocurrencies.

An important feature is that Populous has a capital inflow supported by funds deposited by investors. This shows that Populous’s stability is very high. Every investment and transaction is always available, not just anywhere, anyone and anytime Populous is ready to handle.

Populous is designed with two independent processes: internal and external platforms. This ensures the continuity of making transactions quickly and efficiently.


The Populous Project is based in London and is led by Stephen Williams.

Williams previously founded Olympus Research, a company focused on business data and analytics for businesses.

Zvezdomir Zlatinov Market developer.

Jason Tuang Financial Consulting.

John Morton chief technology officer

Jonathan Millar Invoice Financial Risk Advisor – Advisor to Populous.


Populous has set a whole new goal. It promises future breakthroughs that are building connections between investors and sellers directly, publicly exchanging invoices through its operating network.

In the near future, Populous’s development orientation will further satisfy customers’ needs because of the stability of cash flow through the use of stablecoins or Poken. This is also a bright spot, a difference of Populous from other cryptocurrencies.

You can check PPT price here.

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