What is PlutusDeFi (PLT)?

PlutusDeFi (PLT) is a full DeFi aggregator, combining applications and multiple DeFi products into a single platform, concentrating on User Experience, Design, Privacy, and Anonymity.

PlutusDefi never had small dreams. Decentralized finance is a belief in absolute freedom. Every other DEFI startup or project is half a step towards truly gaining control from potentially corrupt bankers and financial institutions. PLT is the solution to achieving total wealth and true sovereignty for everyone with our strong focus on protocol-level anonymous privacy.

Structure of the PlutusDeFi ecosystem

The PlutusDeFi ecosystem’s structure is divided into four main parts:

Product Layer

This is a collection of decentralized applications that are extremely easy to use for businesses and users. It includes four current products of Plutus DeFi:

  • Learn and Earn

This seems to be the current mainstream product of PlutusDeFi. It allows users to quickly borrow crypto assets with only three basic steps. Users have many options to find the best interest rate that suits them.

Besides, users can earn APR interest rates up to 15%.

  • Payroll & Payment

Enterprises can transfer salaries to customers, employees, partners with tokens by just one click without having to know about blockchain.

  • Derivatives

Users implement and use DeFi derivative tools with clear transparency, risk-free.

  • DeFi-as-a-Service

Integrating smart contracts into exchanges, wallets, and other service providers is easy.

Aggregator Layer

It provides smart contracts and a unique interface to create the best source of liquidity and prices for businesses when borrowing.

Protocol Layer

PlutusDeFi has developed its own payment protocol to support lending, derivatives, exchange… to help users and businesses easily use them without any other difficulties.

Base Layer

Its purpose is to find the uniqueness and strengths of each blockchain to upgrade and perfect the platform.

Ethereum example is used for its programmability, and Facebook’s Libra for distribution and Binance DEX for liquidity.


Full Anonymity

The solutions put decentralization and anonymity first, putting users in control of their digital identity.

Privacy on DeFi

They integrate on- and off-chain privacy solutions to protect private transactions from prying eyes.

Self-Sovereign Wealth

Not your keys, not your coins. Control your crypto with our non-custodial solution and withdraw your funds at any time.

On and Off-Chain Privacy

From ToR and OpenVPN to Offshore VPNs and bulletproof servers.

DeFi on Dark Web

User-Level Privacy, Market-Level Transparency

On-Chain Privacy Protocols

Public transactions leave users vulnerable to prying eyes. Using next-generation privacy protocols, Plutus seamlessly integrates privacy options for all.

What is PLT token used for?

In the PlutusDeFi network, PLT tokens are used for the following purposes:


55% of tokens that are collected from network fees will be burned. This will grow the value of PLT in the future.

Network Fees

When users use platform services such as lending, smart contract, swap,… they need to use PLT tokens to pay network fees.


Users who own PLT tokens can vote on the development of the project.


Users can earn PLT tokens by depositing on the network. Their mission is to lending, validate transactions, and smart contracts and receive rewards in return for their contributions.

How does Plutus work?

Plutus is a protocol that unifies blockchain infrastructure and leading DeFi protocols by standardizing the communication between them to create and execute complex financial transactions, while also championing Anonymity, Privacy Private, and Sovereign.

Although it’s switching between multiple lending protocols, trading through multiple decentralized exchanges, or utilizing numerous base layer chains, Plutus plans to be at the center of it all.


Arnie Hill is the Head of Strategy and Marketing. He also acts as the founder. He is a Partner of Obsidian Capital and has invested in 31 blockchain companies.

Ali Hararwala is co-founder and head of product and operations. He has worked at several companies, including Citibank, Oracle, Nissan, Publicis, GoldMoney, Louis Dreyfus, and NHS.

Ali Zain is Engineering Smart Contract Lead. He has over four years of experience in Blockchain development, specifically in Ethereum and HyperLedger.


PlutusDeFi is the platform that brings together DeFi applications and products available in the market today. The project allows users to find and compare the best loan interest rates of different assets.

The team at Plutus DeFi wants to create a system that brings together different protocols. By unifying these systems simply by standardizing the communication between them allows the creation and seamless execution of complex financial transactions. Plutus DeFi aims to be at the center of it all for the sake of the ordinary DeFi investor looking for the best deals.

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