What is OriginTrail (TRAC)?

OriginTrail (TRAC) is a decentralized platform that has been built and developed based on blockchain technology for businesses’ supply chains-related activities. Its purpose is to ensure the transparency and integrity of data of the parties in the chain to protect the brand, as well as minimize risks for the parties when there is a problem with goods. OriginTrail works based on the quick and automatic connection and data linking between devices used to process data about the parties’ supply activities. Then all that data will be stored at its blocks.

This will bring a new way to build transparency in the supply chain and provide the necessary foundation for building trust and increasing efficiency for the supply chain. At the same time, it helps to follow and enforce quality assurance processes automatically.

What is TRAC token?

TRAC is the main cryptocurrency of the OriginTrail ecosystem, which consists of a network of machines (nodes) that all OriginTrail customers are running. TRAC is mainly used as a payment method between data suppliers in the supply chains and consumers of that data.

Trace tokens are the means of compensation between supply chains data provider, data consumers on one side and OriginTrail nodes on the other. It supports nodes in peer networks to perform system functions.

The current version of OriginTrail uses the Ethereum blockchain to provide proof of concept, Masternodes will be involved with this project.

Features of OriginTrail

Data exchange standards: The OriginTrail platform’s architecture complies with globally recognized GS1 standards for supply chains management activities as well as proven consensus mechanisms in other blockchain platforms. The Anti-theft Blockchain structure of OriginTrail platform provides a layer of protection against data mutations.

Check consensus in supply chain: To ensure data integrity, OriginTrail cross-checks data provided independently in the supply chains by implementing consensus checking algorithms using zk-SNARK for sensitive information.

OriginTrail seamless data sharing: OriginTrail’s data layer relies on a hierarchical graph database to get the best flexibility, performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. It allows quick and simple manipulation of complex decentralized supply chains data.


OriginTrail’s development team is made up of many years of experience with computer programmers, data scientists and R&D researchers. Here are the key members of the project:

Tomaž Levak: Founder and CEO of OriginTrail, previously he was the Project Manager of Monada doo; Organizing adviser for the Kuwait Shooting Federation; Coordinator of the Social project incubatorl.

Žiga Drev: His mission at OriginTrail is to manage stakeholders in complex supply chain settings in Europe and Asia. Director of OriginTrail operations in Asia. He is a speaker at international conferences. He holds a master’s degree in Economics Department of Ljubljana University.

Branimir Rakic: He is the technical director at OriginTrail. He was formerly a lecturer at SAE Institute; Network test engineer at P3 communications.


OriginTrail is an ecosystem, it’s not just a company. It’s an token-based economy and has a direct relationship between users and network nodes, eliminating arbitrary fees. The system must have a large community of users to get stability. Fortunately, they have installed Masternodes, which many investors love.

OriginTrail allows seamless data sharing along any supply chain. Decentralized network protocols, blockchain support ensure reliability, transparency and security. It helps companies exchange data seamlessly and securely to build accountability and protect their brands more and more effectively. The Token Creation event will allow the development of the OriginTrail Decentralized Network to extend and apply to any product supply chains.

You can check TRAC price here.

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