What is Origin Protocol (OGN)?

Origin Protocol (OGN) is an open-source platform. This platform allows anyone to build decentralized Marketplace and e-commerce applications. For a decentralized Marketplace, you can simply understand that they are markets in which sellers and buyers deal directly with each other. In addition, developers can create their own applications on Blockchain Origin.

Features of Origin Protocol

Improve user experience

Origin is a project that performs meta transactions on Ethereum. Therefore, users save on Ethereum gas fees in transactions.

Attraction of users and developers

Marketplace platform now has more:

  • 30,000 registered Ethereum wallets
  • 2,000 transactions of goods and services
  • More than 170 developers have contributed to the project on GitHub.
  • More than 50 volunteer translators make Origin dApp available in 20 languages

Developer platform

The project provides open-source protocols, developer libraries and end-user applications … to improve user experience.

Development team & Investors

The project is led by experienced people from PayPal, YouTube, Google, … Besides, the project also receives support from leading investors such as Pantera Capital, Foundation Capital, Steve Chen …

What is OGN?

OGN is the native token in the Origin Protocol ecosystem. OGN is released as ERC-20.

The use case of OGN


Users are rewarded with OGNs when making purchases, verifying their identities, promoting Origin on social networks and referring new users.

Commission / Advertising

Sellers pay OGN commissions to app developers to promote their products. Aims to make products more visible on e-commerce and Marketplace applications.


Buyers can use OGN to pay sellers when buying goods or using services.


The group is currently researching and developing new staking models. This is intended to generate additional profits for OGN holders in return for providing power and supporting other parts of the network.

Network administrator

OGN tokens will have administrative functions in the future.


Josh Fraser (Co-Founder): Co-founder of PriceSlash, Din, Torbit and EventVue.

Matthew Liu (Co-Founder): Co-founder of PriceSlash and Unicycle Labs. He has held product management positions at Google and Youtube.

Yu Pan (R&D Manager): Co-founder of PayPal and Kiwi Crate, former Google engineer and Affirm.

Franck Chastagnol (Senior Engineer): Former leader at Dropbox, Chief Engineer at Endorse.com, Technical Director at Youtube and Paypal.

Micah Alcorn (Production Manager): WellAttends’s technical co-founder.

Nick Poulden (Senior Engineer): Former UI architect at Palo Alto Networks, Principal Software Engineer at C3 Energy Network.

Tom Linton (Senior Engineer): Founders of Dockyard and Serfdox.

Domen Grabec (Engineer): Former CTO at Chess Raiders.

Mike Shultz (Engineer): Ex-longtime employee at Ethereum and IPFS engineer at Lunyr.

Aure Gimon (Product Designer): Used to be a freelance designer for several Fortune 500 companies and startups.


The platform initially targeted the global sharing economy, allowing buyers and sellers of goods and services to use segments to transact on an open, distributed web. It uses the Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Its platform and community participants can interact in a peer-to-peer fashion, allowing the creation and ordering of services and goods without traditional intermediaries.

You can check OGN price here.

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