What is OceanEx? How to register on OceanEx?

OceanEx aims to be the next generation of intelligent digital asset trading platform. Based on the VeChain Thor ecosystem, Oceanex is a trading and asset management platform. OceanEx deploys advanced AI technologies, providing fast, secure transactions. OceanEx has a reasonably safe trading system, easy to use, and luxurious investment products to meet the needs of all types of investors.

What is OceanEx?

OceanEx is a digital asset trading platform that uses AI technology — founded by BitOcean Global in 2018 and within the ecosystem of VeChainThor.

OceanEx has many branches in the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia. As of this moment, OceanEx is the first exchange built on the VeChain platform.

Although this exchange is still new, since its inception, OceanEx had made many spectacular leaps and bounds when it ranked 105 (April 16, 2019), currently ranked 64 (July 1, 2019) in the CoinMarketCap. OceanEx promises to become a trading platform with a foothold in the market.

Type of fess on OceanEx

  • Oceanex charges 0.1% per transaction. This is the fee commonly found in the Bitcoin exchange segment today
  • Like many other exchanges, OceanEx is free of charge
  • The withdrawal fee depends on each coin. Users can refer to the fee schedule for withdrawing money here

Advantages of OceanEx

  • OceanEx is a Vechain Thor ecosystem, so users will receive incentives when trading VET, VTHO
  • The exchange has a policy of “Membership card,” preferential commissions and transaction fees increase gradually by each rank
  • Having a native token named OceanEx Token (OCE)
  • Multilingual support: Currently, there is supporting five languages ​​English, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Vietnamese.
  • Referral commission program up to 50%: To help users earn an additional passive income, OceanEX built a referral commission program by inviting friends to join the transaction. After each successful invitation, you will receive a 20% commission. The commission you earn is a maximum of 50% when you hold 5 million OCE in your account.
  • Experienced project team: OceanEx is a platform built on the diverse ecosystem of VeChain Foundation and BitOcean Global. In particular, BitOcean is well-known as the most significant Bitcoin ATM provider from China. VeChain is a famous Blockchain platform and is currently in the top 30 in CoinMarketCap
  • Integrating many tools and indicators:  The exchange combines more than 90 indicators, indices, and tools to serve you conveniently in analyzing and assessing market trends. Suitable for professional traders or experienced investors in the industry
  • Transaction fee reduction program up to 90%: When holding OCE, you will be reduced transaction fees. Transaction fees will decrease in proportion to the number of OCE tokens you hold
  • Without KYC, it is still possible to withdraw 1 BTC: If you have completed KYC, you can withdraw up to 50 BTC within 24 hours. If you do not have KYC, you can still withdraw 1 BTC / day

Disadvantages of OceanEx

  • Products are still quite large, not yet competing with other competitors
  • Volume is in the top 65, with about $ 95 million worth of transactions per day
  • Oceanex has only 32 trading pairs, focusing mainly on VET, VTHO, and two popular cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH
  • The KYC process is quite complicated: KYC on OceanEX is quite complicated. In addition to passports or ID cards, the exchange required to enclose two other papers for verification of residence. This helps protect you property better but also take more time to verify
  • Unpublished Whitepaper: Currently, the exchange has not released the Whitepaper. According to the project team, instead of launching the Whitepaper, they decided to update the development roadmap and status of the community every month so that users have a better overview of exchanges and plans. develop
  • Currently only spot trading: If you want to find an exchange with many markets like margin trading, OceanEX will not be a perfect choice. OceanEX focuses presently only on spot trading, while the future will undoubtedly have new markets launched
  • Limited transaction area: Although launched to serve the needs of global transactions, OceanEX also has a policy of not serving transactions in the US, China, Japan, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Liberia, Cuba, and Ivory Coast. , Macedonia, South Sudan, Belarus, Congo, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Albania, Lebanon, Libya, Eritrea, Somalia, Myanmar, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mogadishu, Chad, and Venezuela

How to register a trading account on OceanEx?

Step 1: You access the homepage via here.

Step 2: Fill in the information: Email, password, ref referral code (if any). Then, click on “by registering …” and click register.

Step 3: Then click on, “I’m not a robot” OceanEx will send you a confirmation link to the email. You access the email and click “verify email address” to complete the account registration.

Step 4: After registering an account, you can make withdrawal orders in a certain amount. To upgrade the withdrawal level, I recommend that you perform KYC for better account security.

Verify your identity KYC

Step 1: From your account, you access the settings, choose Authentication.

Step 2: Enter your personal information, including nationality, full name, gender. You can choose to verify with your ID or Passport. Passport of out-of-date or ID expiry date will be calculated ten years from the date of registration indicated on the passport or ID.

If choosing KYC by ID:

You download a photo of the front, back, and a selfie when holding the front and a paper saying “OceanEx, registration date, and your name.”

If you choose KYC by Passport:

You download a photo of your passport profile page, a selfie with your passport, and a paper that says, “OceanEx, your registration date, and your name.”

Step 3: Then, fill in the household registration information, including Country, Province / City, Address. Download 2 photos as proof of residency according to the required information.

Then, click “I swear …” and click submit to complete the KYC.


OceanEx’s trading volume is expected to increase steadily over time. OceanEx is also nurturing breakthrough development plans soon so that the OCE token “go to the moon” soon.

To do this, OceanEx quickly works with banks as well as legal organizations to provide you with fiat pairs in the future. At the same time, margin trading and OCE Launchpad features such as Binance Launchpad will soon launch to the Crypto community.

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