What is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)?

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is a decentralized data exchange protocol for unlocking AI data. Through blockchain, Ocean Protocol connects data providers with consumers, helping parties share data while ensuring traceability, transparency and trust. Owners can provide value with data control that is not locked in any market. Ocean Protocol is committed to launching a new data economy by combining decentralized blockchain, data-sharing frameworks, and ecosystems for data with related utility services.

Features of Ocean Protocol

Reliable data sharing platform
Ocean Protocol is a large network, incorporating decentralized technology, a clear regulatory framework, an ecosystem for data, and integration of many related services.

The platform fully allows participants to share data. While ensuring traceability, transparency and privacy, helping data owners maintain control, access to more markets and services.

Strong tokenization service structure
Ocean Protocol provides a tokenized service structure, including features such as data sharing, storage, computation, and algorithm development.

1001 marketplace
Any data marketplace can be connected to Ocean, to connect data providers and users together. Ocean Protocol is designed for data owners to control each data set and restrict them from being locked in any market.

Unlock all global data
Society is increasingly dependent on data, especially with the advent of AI. However, a handful of organizations possess vast data sources and the ability of AI to achieve worrying control levels. This is a danger to a free and open society.


The Ocean Protocol core group combines a deep background of blockchain, big data, data exchange and artificial intelligence, with real-world business experience as designers, entrepreneurs and technology have started more than 20 companies.
Ocean has more than 35 advisers globally, with recognized expertise in AI, blockchain, big data, business and policy. The advisors have been carefully selected based on the association of values in the direction of unlocking data and AI for society.

The advisers work to build meaningful partnerships, introduce potential business partners, integrate with protocols, and provide governance guidance.


Enterprise Marketplace (beta) – March 2020

  • Decentralized / non-custodial data marketplace
  • Customizable marketplace for data providers
  • Deployed with a strategic partner

v2 Compute-to-Data – May 2020

  • Unlock privacy data while protecting privacy, by calculating data
  • Integration with marketplace: buy and sell data privately without compromising privacy

Community Marketplace – Q3 2020 *

  • Marketplace for community to buy & sell datasets, complementary to enterprise marketplaces
  • Deployed as standalone webapp

v3 / Data Tokens & v5 – Q3 2020 *

  • Platform refactored for simplicity featuring data tokens
  • Updated token design in smart contracts and marketplace. Marketplace includes incentives and staking (v3)
  • On a permissionless substrate (v5) **

v4 / Community Funding – Q4 2020 *

  • Community funding for software development (core, applications, infrastructure), for community/ecosystem work, and to incentivize data supply (v4). Including grants to incentivize for data.
  • Funding comes from the network reward
  • Projects are proposed and curated by the community


Ocean Protocol is a project created by a non-profit organization in Singapore. The mission is to ensure open access to the platform protocol, provide data governance, encourage growth of the network ecosystem and ensure a more decentralized platform over time.

You can check OCEAN price here.

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