What is Nuls (NULS)?

Nuls (NULS) is a cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain, with the same name. Blockchain NULS is a global open-source blockchain project. It is a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure, including a kernel and functional modules. NULS provides smart contracts, multi-chain mechanisms and cross-chain consensus. The purpose of NULS is to break down the technical barriers of blockchain, to reduce development costs and to promote the use of blockchain technology in the commercial field.

Features of Nuls

Module Repository

Nuls stores most of the components in Blockchain field, such as algorithms, consensus mechanism, Smart Contract, Multi-chain, Cross-chain … according to each module.

Chain Factory

Nuls designed Chain Factory to allow users to use the Module Repository to build their own Blockchain in just 4 steps.

Cross-Chain Mechanism

Cross-chain is definitely not something new at the moment. Many projects have been implementing their own cross-chain solution. With chains within the Nuls ecosystem, Cross-chains can be performed together through the base layer. For other blockchains, outside the ecosystem like Bitcoin or Ethereum, they must transition to Nuls’s Blockchain through the Protocol Transfer Layer.

Smart Contracts

Nuls has released its own Nuls Virtual Machine (NVM) instead of using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This helps Nuls to connect infrastructure in the network better.

How does Nuls work?

Nuls operating model consists of 2 components, including microkernel and functional modules. In particular, the microkernel provides the basic mechanisms for the network, while the functional modules use the distributed characteristics of the blockchain network. Nuls divides blockchains into a number of modules such as networks, accounts, ledgers, storage, consensus, and smart contracts. Each module will execute independently, ignoring the change of other modules.

To support its network development, Nuls Token will be used to support Nuls-based applications. In particular, Nuls helps pay application costs, exchange assets, support Nuls development, reward miners and pay transaction fees.


Reaper Ran – Community Management Director and Co-founder: Since 2013, he has been researching Blockchain technology and has in-depth knowledge in working community activities as well as building in different communities such as the BitShares community. In particular, Reaper is famous in the community and on the NEO community board. The community activities and issues of the Nuls project are his responsibility to maintain the Nuls community.

Lily Wang (COO): She used to work for Chongqing TV and Education, which provides daily news for the Chinese community. Lily is proficient in negotiation and strategy. Mainly Lily’s role is to create multilateral cooperation with all countries. It is an expert in fostering the building of the Nuls community and business issues to outperform cryptocurrencies and spread globally.

Omar Elmir is in charge of the English community. Omar Elmir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and a Diploma in Business Marketing. He is knowledgeable and has extensive experience in the field of banking, financial and non-profit business management. Omar is considered to have strong negotiation and business management skills.


NULS has a flexible support platform and interacts with many business applications. NULS is currently very easy to make bets. However, NULS is facing quite strong rivals such as Lisk, NEO, Ethereum, Vechain Thor, EOS, ….

The NULS blockchain was created to provide business entities with a platform to create and deploy their decentralized applications to solve the problems they encounter in real life.

You can check NULS price here.

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