What is MXC? How to register on MXC?

The exchange, with the familiar name from the community – “Matcha.” Although behind the market, it seems that it has surpassed the big guys to join the wave of development of the crypto world. The name “MXC,” also known by the Chinese community as Matcha, what are the highlights to rise to the top of the exchange? Let’s learn with this article by AZCoinNews.

What is MXC?

MXC is a cryptocurrency exchange, founded by a team of leading experts from Wall Street, Blockchain technology experts from Japan and Europe. MXC exchange is not only a cryptocurrency trading platform, but also provides Blockchain asset circulation service to be more secure, smarter, and more convenient.

Currently, MXC supports six languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian.

Some other information about MXC

The MXC exchange has a 24-hour trading volume of about $ 744,801,657 (updated on December 22, 2019, on CoinMarketCap). You can trade with 119 trading pairs with the markets USDT, ETH, BTC, MX.

MXC currently offers token trading, OTC trading, financial products, and smart contracts.

Advantages of MXC

  • MXC has many unique features: MXC has many features and markets for you to experience. From spot trading to smart contract trading, and there are many attractive incentive programs for MX holders.
  • The native token is MX
  • Suitable security: In addition to KYC identity verification, MXC allows the Anti-Fishing security layer to validate the official information from the exchange.
  • Referral commissions up to 80%: MXC’s referral commission program ranges from 20% – 80% depending on the amount of MX that you hold. Besides, the exchange also built a particular program for VIP customers with many privileges.
  • No KYC can still withdraw Crypto: With MXC, you can withdraw up to 5 BTC / day without having to perform KYC operation. And once completed, the withdrawal limit will be raised for higher.

Cons of MXC

  • Complex interface: MXC’s interface is a bit complex and informative. In my personal opinion, it is not newbie-friendly. However, you can quickly get used to this exchange interface. The exchange also has Standard and Advance versions to suit each of the different traders.
  • The trading fee on MXC is quite high: 0.2% (excluding received assets).
  • There are many errors from the system: Because it is a new trading platform, MXC regularly updates new features. And each update, we inevitably have a lot of mistakes that appear in the web interface. Besides, the exchange also encountered some lag errors in some features of deposit and withdrawal when experiencing.

Instructions on how to register for an account on MXC

  • Introducing the MXC interface

At the homepage of MXC, you will see many different sites, I will explain in detail.


[1] OTC: A page dedicated to OTC transactions buying/selling crypto in renminbi (does not support USD).

[2] Contract: The sheet allows for indefinite contract trading (a derivative tool provides high leverage trading feature with no contract expiry date).

[3] Banking: Investment program that manages risk and financial management of projects and receives stable profits every year.

[4] Apply to list: For Crypto projects that want to be listed on MXC.

[5] Labs: The information page of the IEO project of the MXC trading platform.

[6] Tool: Including smaller sites such as Help Center, Whitepaper, API Information, Property Introduction.

[7] Announcements: Announcements, updates from the trading platform.

[8] Order: All orders include open order, order history, transfer history, and trigger order.

[9] Assets: Including smaller sites: My assets, fund history, and address management.

[10] Icon: Contains general information about your accounts, such as User Center, Referral Referral, Financial Center, Labs, and VIP Privileges.

[11] Language switch bar.

And Exchange: The basic (standard) and advanced (professional) exchange.

Here, I will introduce the primary trading interface.


[1] The right corner is the transaction currency with four main bases: USDT, ETH, BTC, and MX.

[2] Transaction history in real-time.

[3] The center of the screen is the price chart.

[4] The order to buy/sell Crypto. There are two orders: Limit Order and Trigger Order. I will explain it to you in the section below.

[5] Open positions for selling Crypto in the market.

[6] How to open an order to buy Crypto in the market.

  • Prepare before signing up

You must prepare something I mention below before signing up to MXC

  • Email or phone number you use often.
  • The Google Authenticator authentication application has been downloaded to the phone.
  • Some personal documents, such as ID card, identity card, passport, passport,…

This preparation will help you save less time and easily register on many other exchanges.

Register a trading account on MXC

If the language is Chinese, then you click on the text in the right corner of the screen to convert to English.

Select register to register account. You can register by email or phone numbewhat-is-mxcr. I advise you to choose a more convenient registration method for yourself. Here I choose to register by Email.


Complete information including:

  • Email.
  • Password.
  • Confirm password.
  • Email verification code: Click “Click to receive” to receive the code on the email account, then copy and enter this box.
  • Referral ID: If referred by someone.

Click “I have read and agree …” and select Register to complete the account registration step.

Other features on the MXC

  • Trade margin

MXC has a margin trading (leverage trading) feature. However, this type of transaction only applies to futures contracts, not crypto-crypto transactions.


On the homepage, you select Contracts. You can only use the leverage feature when trading futures contracts (Contracts). Currently, MXC is supporting leverage trading of BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, EOSUSDT, XRPUSDT, TRXUSDT, BCHABCUSDT, ETCUSDT, LTCUSDT, ONT, USDT, BNBUSDT.

Above is MXC’s Leverage order interface. Here you set the Long/Short order as placing orders on many other Margin Trading platforms. The only difference is the margin trading on futures. MXC supports leverage levels at 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x.

  • Stop-Limit

The term Stop – Limit usually is replaced by the Trigger Order on the MXC.

  • Banking function

In this feature, users will lock their coin/token on the MXC exchange and receive a reward of the corresponding interest rate during that period. This feature is similar to BitTreasure of BitMax or CryptoFarm of OceanEx.

  • Use API key

Access to User Center, you press “One-click generation” to create API. MXC trading platform allows you to create up to 5 API keys and this API key supports for trading pairs DASH/USDT, EOS/USDT, BTC/USDT, BCH/USDT, ONT/USDT, ETH/USDT, ZEC/USDT, LTC/USDT, TRX/USDT, XLM/USDT, XRP/USDT. Each API key is allowed to associate up to 4 IP addresses.

To perform API creation, you complete the following:

  • Memo: A note (referred to as the name of the API).
  • Bind IP Address: You can enter 4 IP addresses in the box (note, use commas to separate IPs).


Finish creating an API key by clicking create.

Note: You can use some of the following websites to determine your public IP address:

  • IP Chicken
  • WhatsMyIP.org
  • WhatIsMyIPAddress.com
  • Or access the device configuration to check your ID!

Get the ref link to introduce MXC

You access the Invite Rebate at the user icon to receive the referral link. You can copy the referral link or send the referral code to a friend.

Besides, MXC also supports you with poster images to share on social networks. You can click “Choose my poster” to download the poster template you like to your device.


MXC interface is quite difficult to use for newbie brothers to learn and participate in the Crypto market. The exchange has many trading features that can meet the trading needs of professional traders.

MXC trading platform is a combination of the most prominent players in the financial industry – Wall Street and a team of experts from technology such as GPU Pool, HUAWEI, ALIPAY,…

Up to now, MXC is a new cryptocurrency exchange and has not been compromised by hackers. According to information learned, MXC has never had any fault maintenance. However, because it is a new platform, they also regularly upgrade new features, so they temporarily suspend the loading and withdrawing functions for a short period.

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