What is MovieBloc (MBL)?

MovieBloc (MBL) is a decentralized movie & content distribution platform based on Onology’s blockchain. The project aims to create a transparent revenue share, audience data and equal screening opportunity for content creators; viewers will have access to a variety of content and be rewarded for providing marketing and curated materials to the ecosystem.

The MovieBloc ecosystem consists of three classes: .Bloc, Market and fundraising. .Bloc is a decentralized community layer that connects all participants; Market is a layer that trades content and talent; while the fundraising layer supports and encourages content creators.

What is MBL?

MBL is a token built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. MBL acts as a Utility Token in the MovieBloc platform and provides a driving force for this ecosystem.

The MBL token is used for all payment-related services, such as premium content, translation, design, etc., within the MovieBloc ecosystem. In addition to paying for services, MBL tokens are also used to reward users for reporting illegal content and movie reviews.

Features of MovieBloc

Decentralizing the film industry

MovieBloc will decentralize the film industry to create an ecosystem with transparent rewards for the participants’ role and contribution. Participants will experience a new ecosystem by taking on the roles of creators, managers, translators, reviewers, viewers, etc. Other blockchain-based film projects mainly focus on maximizing the profits of the CP (content provider) and rewarding the audience. MovieBloc is different from other projects because it includes production, marketing and translation activities, all done by MovieBloc participants.

Supporting creators

MovieBloc will run blockchain-based online festivals to discover quality films and talented new creators. The festival will be held quarterly and awarded prizes worth $ 10,000 to the winners of the contest. Producers can earn recognition and monetary rewards from the festival, which will motivate them to upload high-quality movies on MovieBloc constantly. Additionally, creators can raise money to produce movies from viewer contributions. In return, creators can provide special content, such as unreleased directors, or pre-release films to sponsors.

Creators profit guaranteed

Creators are guaranteed up to 90% of revenue at MovieBloc. Creators can set prices, areas, and exhibition times, the conditions will be applied without any approval process. The curators’ advertising, foreign subtitle translator and designers’ marketing materials will allow the film to be distributed to different countries and increase the creator’s revenue.

Transparent reward and data

MovieBloc rewards creators transparently on a blockchain-based smart contract after creators upload and users purchase content. Creators are provided with insights from their followers and their viewer data, such as gender, age and traffic source. Insights will help creators develop and serve content to satisfy their audiences.

Worldwide screen, MovieBloc

MovieBloc will partner with KMPlayer to distribute the film to audiences around the world. KMPlayer is the world’s oldest video playback software and millions of active users. According to US Softonic.com, KMPlayer is used in more than 150 countries and more than 800 million downloads, since its first release in 2006. The cooperation between KMPlayer and MovieBloc will significantly reduce marketing costs when Get new users by recommending this service to existing KMPlayer users. MovieBloc is a worldwide service; Its simple structure will allow creators to distribute its content directly to consumers around the world with just one upload.



MovieBloc differs from previous film-related ICO projects. These projects have focused on eliminating middlemen and providing a direct distribution channel between creators and audiences. However, this model has given creators more roles and responsibilities in promoting and exporting their works to an audience. MovieBloc seeks to create an ecosystem for all film distribution participants (translators, designers, curators, reviews, etc…), instead of becoming a simple content platform with content providers and consumers.

You can check MBL price here.

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