What is Molecular Future (MOF)?

Molecular Future is a one-stop digital asset investment service platform that is jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, China Fortune (00110.HK), HBCC Investment Fund, HCASH Fund, XBTING Fund, and Collinstar Capital.

Strong ecological support behind the Molecular Future includes internationally recognized licensed financial practitioners and the oldest digital money investors, well-known international venture capital institutions. Moreover, there are hundreds of seed-wheel, angel-wheel and A-wheel start-up companies in various industries, top financial investment advisers and well-known Investors in blockchain industries, and more. They are supported by the resource support of the companies listed in Hong Kong, USA, and Australia motherboards.

Molecular Future has 3 main products:

Cryptocurrency pledge
Molecular Fission

Molecular Future services provided include:

  • Investment products based on digital currency
  • Professional institutions market software
  • Archiving and rating of global projects
  • Construction of information media community
  • Decentralized application of ecology
  • Getting rid of Blockchain-based operation


Ryan XU (Honorary President of the Fund)

Over 7 years of experience at Fintech. He is an investor of bitcoin mining and other related projects. Initiatives include Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center, Bitcoin Boulevard Australia and Bitcoin Buskers Awarded “Blockchain opinion leader” in 2016.

Jayden (CEO / CEO)

Jayden is an experienced fund manager with a history of working in the financial services industry. Jayden has extensive experience in technology investment and has been an avid investor in seed-stage technological start-ups. He runs his own start-up incubator and is also the manager of Australia’s first blockchain venture capital fund. Jayden is passionate about digital technology and hopes to continue developing and investing in technology projects for the purpose of improving society through better use of technology resources. This has made him an early investor in the blockchain industry. He believes that blockchain technology will revolutionize the digital economy while creating a significant impact on the traditional economy, which still faces issues regarding privacy, transparency and efficiency.

Jason Christopher (CTO / Chief Technology Officer)

Jason has been aware of the impact blockchain can have on the world since he knew about Bitcoin in its early years of development. His interest in potential blockchain applications can make a difference to the world. Jason has closely followed technological breakthroughs in this area over the years. As Chief Technology Officer, Jason focuses on developing the project’s technology infrastructure, ensuring the functionality and efficiency of trading systems. In addition, Jason is responsible for the network security of the Molecular Future group. He oversees the operation of the entire security team.


Molecular Future’s products and services will help minimize financial risks, data errors, operating costs, more automated processes, improve payment, transaction and setup efficiency.

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