What is Loom Network (LOOM)?

Loom Network is a platform built on top of Ethereum that allows developers to run large-scale decentralized applications. This allows developers to build DApps with the safest blockchain security in the world, along with the computing resources needed to run the service on a commercial scale.

Loom Network uses DAppChains running in parallel with Ethereum, so large scale decentralized applications will run more efficiently.

LOOM is the main cryptocurrency of Loom Network used to pay for trading and exchange activities in the platform such as to buy rare in-game items, fees for expanding those social networks. ..

Features of Loom Network

DelegateCall: This is one of the first DAppChain by Loom Networks. It is a Q&A site dedicated to sharing knowledge about blockchain-related questions, thus helping their development team to make more efforts. With good reviews, many supporters will receive a certain amount of LOOM. In addition, it is also considered a test version of the platform.

CryptoZombies: Apps help build your own game with smart contracts on Ethereum based on the Solidity programming language. For those who do not have much experience using Solidity to create a smart contract, CryptoZombies will help you create a smart contract in an easy and simple way with the purpose to inspire everybody.

EthFiddle: EthFiddle is the most popular place to share Solidity scripts with over 10,000 users. This application’s main task is to compile, test and run the shared Solidity code from around the EthFiddle web.

SolidityX: Is a programming language specific to the Loom Network platform. It features automatic compiling into the Solidity programming language used to increase security and optimize performance for creating decentralized applications.


Bangkok-based Loom Network Coin was founded by a team of highly experienced members in various fields. Notable team members include:

Luke Zhang (Co-Founder): Graduated from York University majoring in administrative research. Luke Zhang was the main developer of Elemica companies for 2014-2016; BlockMason Inc for 1 year from 2016 to 2017.

Niles Arguelles – Senior Game Artist at Loom Network: 8 years of professional experience in making 2D game assets, for mobile games. Proficient with digital software such as; Photoshop, Paint tool Wrong.

Georgios Konstantopoulos – Lead Researcher at Loom Network: Georgios is experienced in scalability and security research of applications in the domain of blockchain technology. He received an Integrated Masters Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering (specialization in Electronics & Computer Engineering) from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Teeraporn L. – Graphics Designer at Loom Network


Loom Network has benefits for those who aspire to develop blockchain-based applications. It is a platform that offers a full range of services, where smart contract developers and traditional people will create applications without having to switch programming languages.

Loom Network is a good platform for application developers to have smart contracts to develop DApps as it will provide more computing power on operations. Loom Network can help application developers use the Ethereum blockchain and interact with APIs from third parties.

You can check LOOM price here.

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