What is JustSwap?

JustSwap is the first decentralized token exchange protocol on the TRON platform, allowing users to exchange any TRC20 tokens at the system price instantly.

JustSwap also allows users to earn transaction fees by being a liquidity provider, even getting commission-free on the protocol. In addition to exchanging TRC20 tokens, JustSwap users have the ability to earn transaction fees and mining rewards.

Features of JustSwap

JustSwap has five core strengths which are:

  • It allows traders to instantly exchange between any TRC20 token. Market makers make a profit without any barriers to entry.
  • Unlimited Liquidity: It’s well known that liquidity is of paramount importance to all crypto projects, trading platforms and even the entire industry. And JustSwap provides thousands of traders and hundreds of projects with unlimited liquidity.
  • Great convenience: JustSwap allows instant exchange without matching orders.
  • Full Availability: JustSwap is available to everyone, offering a truly fair and open financial marketplace as promised by TRON.
  • High profitability: User will get ongoing processing fee without any commission.

Tron thrived on the DEFI after the launch of the Justswap

Tron got his own DeFi protocols that looked strangely similar to Yam.finance after successfully implementing JustSwap, with a company called “TronFi” in the lead.

So far, Pearl.finance, Salmon.finance and Carrot.finance have been launched. All of these protocols feature liquidity mining incentive to entice investors to deposit USDT, TRX, or other tokens into protocols for minting governance tokens.

While it’s unclear how much traction Tron’s DeFi protocols are gaining traction, there is room for blockchain in the short term because of Ethereum’s high transaction fees.

How JustSwap Works?

JustSwap is an automated liquidity protocol. There is no need for making offers or matching orders, and there is no intervention of any organization or centralized establishment in the transaction. Managed by smart contracts, each trading pool supports the exchange of tokens, adds liquidity, and essentially maintains x * y = k functionality to ensure the legitimacy of transactions.

Why is TRON so excited about JustSwap

JustSwap offers instant exchange between TRC20 tokens for traders, thus creating a free threshold of profit for market makers.

Unlimited liquidity is created for thousands of traders and hundreds of applications. Execution immediately without waiting for execution in the queue. Empower users to participate in open financial markets. Deliver as high a profit as possible with perpetual transaction fees paid by 0 commission from the protocol.

Hence, there was a lot to expect from TRONICs. It looks like the TRON platform is all doing it all to grow in the world of cryptocurrencies with new applications, new use cases, new games, and more. Next up are the DeFi opportunities that are compelling reasons for developers to use TRON.


JustSwap launched due to the sudden increase in DeFi demand on the Ethereum network overwhelming the system, and as Justin Sun CEO of TRON Foundation said, JustSwap will have 200 times lower and faster fees with instant payments.

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