What is JUST (JST)?

JUST (JST) is a project built on the TRON network, aiming to provide a decentralized, fair financial system, stable governance and lending mechanism to users worldwide.

The JUST platform exists in two types of tokens. The first is USDJ – a stablecoin anchoring 1: 1 to USD and created by depositing TRX coins through JUST’s CDP port. The second token is JST – used to pay interest, maintain the platform, participate in governance through voting and other activities on the JUST platform.

Users can create USDJ stablecoin by depositing TRX mortgages. The project is run by all JUST community members, based on the number of JSTs they hold. Proposals for the project are voted on and determined by all stakeholders.

What is JST?

JST is a JUST platform token whose main purpose is to pay for loans and is built on the TRC-20 platform.

JST was launched for IEO on Launchbase Poloniex in early 2020, but most users are unable to purchase tokens. However, the price after IEO has increased sharply (about 5 times).

What is JST token used for?

JST is one of the 2 tokens in the JUST system.

JST has the following roles:

  • JST – used to pay interest,
  • JST holders may participate in system administration and other activities through voting with JST,
  • JST holders can join the TRON ecosystem, such as dApps.

What is USDJ stablecoin?

USDJ is a new currency created through decentralized smart contracts on the TRON network. Anyone can pledge a TRX mortgage as collateral to create USDJ.

The creation of USDJ is completely free, as long as using TRX as collateral. USDJ is committed to anchoring in US dollar with USDJ: USD ratio of 1: 1 through mortgaged debt positions (CDP).

USDJ will become an integral part of the TRON DeFi ecosystem.

Features of Just

USDJ is backed by huge reserves of assets to maintain price stability.

User friendly
The USDJ transfer service is fast, efficient and almost free based on the TRON network.

Available for anyone to open a free account and own USDJ anytime, anywhere.

World-class security provided by blockchain-based smart contracts.

Anyone who holds JST can participate in the governance of the USDJ currency system, then achieve decentralized autonomy, true fairness.

The JUST system has access to the thriving TRON ecosystem and a large number of DApps that provide people with many profitable opportunities.


The JUST platform has a dynamic and elite team. In the engineering team, 50% of employees come from Alibaba, Tencent, IBM and other world-class Internet companies, with rich experience in product design and development.

JUST’s financial analysis team comes from a number of global investment banks and the operations team has experience in blockchain operations. At the same time, JUST is also a full supporter of the TRON ecosystem.


JUST is a decentralized financial platform (DeFi) so the project will face competition from other blockchain projects such as MakerDAO, Constant …

The project needs to offer attractive incentives and strong marketing for many people to know about the project. However, this platform is quite new, but Defi is a trend and will be the future, with the help of Poloniex, Justin Sun .. hope that the project will be strongly promoted.

You can check JST price here.

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