What is Insolar (XNS)?

Insolar (XNS) is a global technology company that builds innovative public and private blockchain solutions on the Insolar Blockchain Platform. This is the safest, most flexible and most scalable blockchain for businesses, providing Blockchain solutions for businesses.

The Insolar project team consists of more than 80 experts from 5 countries.

The vision of the project is: blockchain technology will change the way the world does business. The Insolar Project strives to become the world’s leading technology company, enabling organizations to transact directly, seamlessly, efficiently and securely.

The project’s mission is to create this transformation by building the best blockchain platform, open-source applications, and tools. The project is in the early stages of adopting a whole new wave of technology, which will fundamentally change every industry.

Features of Insolar

Insolar platform is blockchain 4.0

The Insolar platform is the latest generation blockchain with lots of advantages compared to previous generations. It has many consensus mechanisms, low network fees, low hardware costs, transaction fees can be adjusted depending on the value of the contract, high performance, unlimited scalability. Moreover, it has high security, high transaction speed and high compatibility with existing traditional information technology systems.

Insolar is the most secure blockchain

The Insolar blockchain platform protects the best data through distributed, encrypted keys by separation and isolation. The Insolar network involving the Pulsar chain at the top layer creates randomness to protect the network.

Insolar is the fastest and most scalable blockchain

Insolar is designed to scale to handle computation and storage with unlimited network with Globula Network Protocol. It is used to partition the work, allocate roles between nodes and consensus mechanisms depending on each transaction.

Use case of Insolar


XNS coin satisfies the role of a medium of exchange: Move value from one interested party to another, directly proportional to the mutual valuation in their exchange. Payments may include application fees, resource fees, and subsidies.


Staking people can use XNS coins as a medium of exchange, as well as a store of value. The total locked value in the staking system represents an aggregate commitment to the network’s security and is also evidence of the total revenue that can be accumulated by nodes participating in consensus.


Plans for Insolar MainNet include the gradual introduction of decentralized governance until the network is able to govern itself. The mechanisms of this general regulation will be paid in XNS coins.


The Insolar project was co-founded by Peter Fedchenkov and Dmitry Zhulin, who are also co-founders of the delivery service in Russia: Instamart.

INSOLAR consists of more than 80 members with full-time experience working for the project, from 5 countries, divided into 5 sections as follows: Leadership; programming team; sales, marketing and PR department; human resources, finance, law and administrators; and research department.


Overall, Insolar is an ambitious project with a very large customer base. They are trying to change the way ineffective business networks currently exist completely. They are also trying to do this by developing a 4.0 blockchain that can solve the many challenges that other blockchain platforms are facing.

Insolar’s development team is quite large, working very hard and actively to be able to launch the mainnet on time. They launched the Testnet network on time with high transaction speeds. This proves that the basic project has been successful, and there may be significant community interest in the XNS when the mainnet is launched. According to information from the project, there will be at least 4 large companies in the top 500 fortune that will test the blockchain Insolar platform right after the mainnet is launched.

You can check XNS price here.

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