What is Hyperion (HYN)?

Hyperion (HYN), a decentralized mapping platform, aimed at achieving a “One Map” vision – providing a unified view of global map data and services, and making it accessible globally like a public utility for 10B people. Built on the Spatial Consensus Protocol that not only includes spatial information but also transfers value, Hyperion essentially redefines how we create and use mapping services, conforming to integers first rule to make maps open and decentralized.

The core value


The first privacy-aware real mapping application was built on strong cryptographic primitives. All map functions, such as navigation and search, are calculated locally on your device. Track your location, never leave your phone, and you have the ability to record them all with just one click. Through our crypto library, you can even share your location with your friends without any other multimedia platform knowing where you are and where you want to go.

– Secure public key identity

– Extremely private with no location trace left your phone

– Share location passcode (CLS)

Map 3

Map3 enables the model to utilize new spatial data and 1000x infrastructure in terms of size, performance, and cost. Map3 is essentially a decentralized PaaS for Maps / LBS, powered by One Map Compute technology that supports a huge network of decentralized Map3 nodes.

– Create and use arbitrary map layers with custom usage policies

– Decentralized infrastructure is scalable to enable 1000x performance

– Seamless transition from another map technology stacks (e.g., Mapbox, OpenLayer)

– Strong primitive cipher to support encrypted map data

Atlas Chain

Atlas is a high-performance spatial consensus blockchain that powers the Elastic Spatial Sharding based world mapping service. It is aimed at addressing spatial service requirements like map asset transactions and authentication, with special features like censorship resistance, open join, and fault tolerance. Atlas will empower Hyperion to build a decentralized global map economy serving 10 billion users as it builds.

Atlas will improve on scalability, low latency, low cost, privacy protection, scalability, and interoperability when built, to meet location requirements at scale. When MainNet launches, users will join Map3 as Atlas nodes to improve the security and performance of the blockchain network, with economic rewards in HYN. Bonus details have yet to be confirmed but will be closely linked with the edge and core community of nodes.

How can it be achieved?

The Map3 network connects various roles from token holders, map developers, investors, and map users through an internal socio-economic structure underpinned by consensus protocol PoH. Although these participants share different values and purposes, they can choose to join the ecosystem at Titan, Map3, or Atlas to receive a variety of economic rewards.

At Titan level, token holders bet their HYN to assist node operators in running Map3 nodes to incentivize service so that they can share service rewards with node operators. ; At the network level, Map3 nodes compete fairly based on their location services provided to the ecosystem, and winners can bet again on running Atlas nodes for mining incentives.

At the Atlas-chain level, zoning nodes compete for fully PoS-based block-generating nodes – the number and length of staking times on the Map3 network. At this level, the micro-builders who lent HYN with the stackable map3 nodes can also share the Atlas level mining rewards.

The pyramid structure is designed to automate and sustainably deploy the ecosystem by encouraging deeper community involvement, and Map3 opens the portal for token holders, newspapers, experts, and traditional Internet users to operate the ecosystem through betting, deployment Map3 nodes, and production blocks in exchange for economic rewards.


With the project development team, Hyperion is a gathering of young, passionate, and dynamic people with new creations. They are both a great motivator and an indispensable factor in completing the project. Some key characters, such as:

  • The CEO is Kai Law
  • The COO is Eric Huang
  • The CTO is Guangxian Zou
  • The chief architect is Isaac Zhang


The idea of this project is quite interesting, the project itself and the team also have a clear development roadmap from the start, and Hyperion is the version of the Consensus Map that the team plans to develop.

Hyperion (HYN) is a cryptocurrency that promises a promising future and is an investment option for crypto enthusiasts. Hyperion promises to bring many values in the current 4.0 era.

You can check the HYN price here.

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