What is Horizen (ZEN)?

Horizen (ZEN) is a project designed in the field of communication and economic activities. Horizen’s purpose is to ensure data safety and integrity. Horizen, developed on Zcash’s source code, is primarily intended for secure data transfer and resilient data networks. It makes global data transfer more secure, continuous file storage, and private economic operations.

Horizen uses advanced encryption technology and zero-knowledge proofs that allow anonymous peer-to-peer information exchange with Horizen. Horizen’s distributed and encrypted network design resists the correlation between traffic and metadata analysis.

Horizen’s goal is to increase user privacy and freedom in their report: We live in a super regulatory and supervised world where billions of individuals are deprived of basic human rights, such as property ownership, privacy, free association and access to information.

Features of Horizen

From the early days, Horizen’s Core team also stated that Horizen is not just a Privacy Coin-only project for payment. Besides, it is an ecosystem that allows people to use a Privacy Coin in daily life easily.

Up to now, the team is making good on its claims and releasing more application products to life such as ZEN Chat, ZEN Store, ZEN Merchant.

This toolkit allows developers to build a Side Chain attached to Horizen’s main Blockchain and take advantage of the main network’s Privacy Option. Basically, developers have a lot of things to be able to build on Side Chain such as Scale Layer 2 for Horizen, Dapps …

Horizen (ZEN) activities

ZenChat: Although Zcash already has a messaging feature, no wallet has taken advantage of that feature so far. ZenChat makes this feature usable with customized secure communication networks.

ZenPub: an anonymous document publishing platform that uses IPFS is in works parallel to Horizen development.

ZenHide: The ability to cycle ecommerce blocks by using a domain interface.


Horizen’s founding and development team consist of members from different fields, including the development of cryptocurrencies, engineering, .. Among them, there are outstanding names such as:

Rob Viglione – Team Lead: Rob is a physicist and mathematician. He was previously working on Bitshares, BlockPay, Z classic, Seastead and Bitgate. He is currently a PhD in Finance studying cryptocurrencies and teaching Bitcoin & Blockchain applications in Finance. Rob has an MBA in Finance & Marketing and a PMP certificate.

Rolf Versluis – Chief Advisor: is an entrepreneur with experience in the IT industry. Previous experience in Cisco systems, semiconductor industry. A nuclear-trained officer in the U.S. Submarine force, Rolf brings the leadership, management, and operational engineering expertise to the Zen organization.

Alberto Garoffolo – R&D Manager: With over 15 years of experience, Alberto has deep knowledge of software design and development in many application areas. He has strong expertise in different languages ​​such as Java, C and C ++. Over the years, he has taken on the role of CTO in a software architecture design company and chose the team to create one of the complete video interaction solutions on the market.


Horizen is a true leader not only in privacy but also in governance, economic incentives and absolute technical ingenuity. ZEN is the first cryptocurrency to be built into TLS. It protects not only the protocol but also the data packets sent between the interfaces.

Their secure node system allows a low barrier to entry, passive income streams for node operators. They serve the network by enforcing strict security requirements, maintaining complete history and encrypting network data. ZEN Coin is also a worthwhile cryptocurrency for your reference and investment.

You can check ZEN price here.

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