What is Holo Coin (HOT)?

Holo Coin (HOT) is a decentralized cloud storage platform that is built on its proprietary blockchain technology called Holochain that provides the space for hosting distributed applications (DApps) of people are built directly into its architecture and protocol.


In addition, it also provides an expandable encryption accounting infrastructure required to host these applications with huge usage volumes.

Holochain helps people own their own data, control their own identity, and play an important role in connecting applications to suit the needs of users. Moreover, Holochain helps to trade without a centralized system, and that makes transactions faster and cheaper than ever. In addition, Holochain provides protocols and command lines that follow a standard to help people build their own distributed applications and calculate the cost so that everyone can use the app together.

The HOT token is Holo’s main cryptocurrency used by the platform itself for a variety of purposes, such as paying for decentralized applications on the platform, transaction fees.

What are the features of Holo?

Faster: Applications hosted on the Holochain system do not have to be synced through a third party, so users may notice a small change happening much faster than apps using the Blockchain.

More effective: No need to make people create an extra copy of every change makes Holochain more exponentially more affordable. This means that Holochain can be used for things that blockchain cannot solve, such as accounting for microtransactions.

Scalable: Holochain supports applications with millions of simultaneous users thanks to its parallel architecture. Also, users can extend apps by linking them with other apps.

Can adjust: Users can adjust the applications and transactions themselves to meet the needs when they download and use.


The Holochain project development team is a collection of enthusiasts building a distributed cloud storage platform, below are some of the prominent members of Holo’s team:

Arthur Brock: He is the co-founder & CEO of Holo. Previously he was the founder architect and systems of Metacurrency; he is the founder of Facilitator.

Eric Harris-Braun: He is the co-founder of Holo, previously he was a co-founder of Metacurrency, of Harris-Braun Enterprises, LLC and of Glass Bead Softwaree.

David Atkinson: He is the financial and legal director of Holo, the founder of Heartificial Intelligence.

In addition, there are many other talented members such as Anders Aamodt, Connor Turland, Celestial Hanley, and each has its own mission.


In terms of ideas, Holochain is not the only one, there have been quite a lot of cloud computing platform projects, but not every project has done as Holo. The Holo project has launched its own practical product, the Holo port – a device that allows users to plug and play and lease storage space and computing power to easily receive Holo Fuel. The project to raise capital for hardware production was successful and achieved more than 2000 Holo Port milestones to be delivered to users in Q3 / 2018.

Besides, Holo has a strong development team that can lead the project in the future; a large community is also a factor that everyone should consider; it motivates the project not only mentally. and also about future value. In a nutshell, HOT is a quite potential future cryptocurrency that investors should put into their long-term portfolio.

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