What is Haven Protocol (XHV)?

Haven (XHV) is a way to store, exchange and transfer your money with complete privacy and anonymity. It’s an ecosystem of digital currencies and assets built on top of Monero and secured by Proof of Work (PoW).

What is XHV token?

The base currency of the Haven network is XHV. Haven is a Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol with a block time of two minutes.

Haven is built on Monero, which is considered a leader in security technology. Haven inherits all of Monero’s privacy features. It extends this function by providing stable, private currencies and commodities (xAssets) that can only exist through the base currency of burn (XHV). The first private stablecoin to be launched on Haven’s main base will be xUSD.

How does Haven work?

Buy the XHV, the base currency of Haven and exchange instantly for any supported assets in your private, safe and private vault. The Haven network will consist of major currencies such as USD & EURO, precious metals (Gold and Silver) as well as Bitcoin.

What can Haven be used for?

Anyone who wants to store value outside the traditional banking system can do so without giving up their privacy and control. Only you can access and use your money with Haven.

Traders can access the Haven network and use their vault as a secure storage method or trade XHV and xAsset pairs. Following the launch of xUSD’s mainUSD, Haven will offer a wide range of currencies over time (like xEUR), as well as Bitcoin and other highly configurable items (xGOLD and xSILV).

Haven can be used for any purchase where privacy and security are top priority and do not require immediate settlement. As the Haven network grows and more projects are built upon the protocol, the use cases of payment will expand.

Features of Haven

Haven uses the same powerful security features as Monero, including ring confidential transactions (Ring CT), ring signatures, stealth addresses, and bulletproofs.

These Monero-based features hide senders, amounts, and recipients in each transaction. All transactions are private by default and there is no way to accidentally make a transparent transaction.

Like any other traditional financial account, Haven Vault will contain sensitive information that users do not want to disclose. This is especially true for personal financial data that, if stolen, can be used by unscrupulous parties to steal those funds. The privacy features of Haven make this less likely to happen.


David Bandtock (dweab)
A career technology specialist focused on product and strategy distribution, David has held senior positions in major British Corporations and numerous tech startups over the past 20 years. With a background in Mathematics, Coding technology and Software development, David brings significant experience in both technical distribution and large-scale governance to Haven.

Neil Coggins (neac)
He is a dedicated full stack software architect and developer. With over 20 years of development experience in X86 Assembler, C ++, Java, PHP and Javascript. Neil has spent the past 17 years designing and building cryptographic software.

Marty (anonymous)
Marty is an experienced front end developer in a multitude of frameworks, and makes this stand out with its work on the Haven wallet and website.

Pierre Lafitte (anonymous)
Pierre is a product design specialist and creates all user and UI journeys, in Haven’s portfolio of products. Pierre is an experienced Front End cryptocurrency developer, a long-term contributor to Haven and will lead the UX / UI development side and bring the group’s UX vision into reality.


Haven allows you to control your money with complete privacy. All account details, including transactions and balances, remain hidden. You can send money anywhere in the world, nobody else knows about or needs anyone’s permission.

You can check XHV price here.

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