What is GXChain (GXC)?

GXChain (GXC) is a basic blockchain for the global data economy, designed to build a valuable reliable data network. Benefiting from DPoS-based Graphene architecture, GXChain has functions including G-ID, GVM, BaaS and Blockcity, which are convenient for application development. GXChain provides a leading solution for the data economy by developing many reliable data modules. Data upload, storage, calculation and exchange have gradually been realized with many commercialized applications. To provide bottom level services on sharing, co-governance, transparency and security for the quadrillion level data economy market.

GXChain is developed by a team of experts from China. They ensure that credit and data information services are available to everyone. GSChain coin is a virtual currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum that is used to pay for transactions in the platform.

Features of GXChain

Protect user privacy: Users can feel secure and comfortable using this platform. The reason is that every transaction on GXchain will only be done when certified by the data owner to eliminate any form of fraud or illegal trading of data.

Rich data sources: GXC’s system is connected to live data sources provided by major telecommunications companies such as Union pay. The platform expects cooperation with future tax authorities, social security reports and other industry sources.

Data copyright protection: GXChain strictly protects from data copyright, in order to enhance the reliability of data.

Do not use data storage server: There is no server center, or the server for PTP transactions, to eliminate proprietary data.

GXC Dapp: GXC Dapp is the first decentralized application created in GXChain to facilitate direct credit check. In GXChain Dapp, users can create blockchain identities and manage their personal information. Dapp will then verify and prove the existence of the data, to identify where the user manages his data. Dapps have lots of incentives and rewards can encourage users to authorize more data types. Data will not be stored on Dapp because they value the privacy of every user.


Minqiang Huang Is the founder and CEO. Minqiang has over 10 years of experience in data exchange, financial technology, and blockchain. He used to be CTO at Hakim Unique Internet Co., Ltd., and Director of HAKIM UNIQUE Financial Services.

Some other members are Jessie Fan, David Lan, Liyu Wu …

The whole team works for the sake of ensuring that user data is first verified for the integrity of the user data to be validated first. At the same time, credit information and information will be made available to the public.

The technology behind GXChain

GXChain is a blockchain that supports the development of a large number of applications. Unlike other public chains, GXChain not only supports smart contracts or Blockchain as a service (BaaS) but also offers many exclusive services such as ID verification, multidimensional data, KYC and instant login.

Applications created using GXChain will develop into an important part of creating and consuming data. Developers and users alike can benefit from using this application.


GXChain coin and its electronic wallet are still in the process of development and completion. For a clear purpose, developers are trying to make GXChain widely available and attract more investors. However, digital currencies are appearing more and more and competing more fiercely. If GXChain does not highlight its strengths, then one day it will be engulfed in this rich virtual currency world.

GXChain’s ecosystem with the abundance and diversity of data sources and high security is still expanding. The community is hoping that after completing the infrastructure, GXC users will be able to access, search and benefit from whatever data they desire. Meanwhile, GXS coin will become a more attractive coin than ever.

You can check GXC price here.

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