What is FunFair (FUN)?

FunFair (FUN) is a gaming platform decentralized by Ethereum smart contracts. The FunFair project is an English blockchain-focused company based in London and specializing in online casino games. The main focus of the company’s development is to upgrade casino games. The goal is to establish a reliable, fair and decentralized casino gaming platform, which will provide the user friendly and easy to use interface.

FUN’s vision is an infinite space of transparent, safe casinos that can be easily created by anyone, anywhere, interesting, fast, and fair. That is why we are called FunFair.

How FunFair works

As a casino operator, you can license FunFair technology and launch a casino with 2 clicks. The FunFair platform is very flexible and allows you to customize the gaming experience for users completely.

Features of FUN

FunFair uses the Ethereum smart contract and open source technology to help the game work fairly. However, transparency is not enough. With FunFair, players do not incur blockchain transaction costs because it creates the seamless experience that gamers require.

Great user experience
FunFair satisfies the payment, speed and fairness as well. FunFair creators have over 40 years of built casino and gaming programs. Therefore, user experience is their strength. FunFair is equipped with this platform, helping to discover what is possible for FunFair developers in the future. Delivery is also done wonderfully by allowing games to be tested.

Own coins
FunFair uses the token as its currency. This is the main type of interaction with FunFair smart contracts. Players can buy cards like chips in online casinos.

Besides, game developers get paid in FunFair. Referrers bringing new gamers to FunFair are also paid, while casino licensees are sponsored by their activity through FunFair. The platform has service fees like random number generation, paid in FunFair.

FunFair license
This license allows operators to easily store and set up their own casinos under a private label. These organizations and individuals have the ability to select games from a market and provide standard or VIP rooms with customized home bonuses for gamers.


Jez San is a British businessman and technology investor. He pioneered real-time 3D computer graphics, leading to an OBE award for services for the computer game industry.

Jeremy Longley – Founder: More than 15 years of experience managing technology teams, from developing advanced video game software to deploying and operating enterprise-scale infrastructure.

Oliver Hopton – FTEL CEO & CTO: Oliver Hopton is an experienced developer and team leader with over 15 years of experience in building gaming products. He spent 10 years working at the PKR online poker room as a Software Development Manager working with a lot of administration tools and integrating with third-party game content and providers.


FunFair coin works on the Ethereum platform to increase security and delivery time. Players process and execute games on the server to make sure they are made from random numbers.

They offer users a new way of entertainment, not only serving entertainment needs but also creating new steps to commercialize global payment forms.

You can check FUN price here.

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