What is Energi (NRG)?

Energi (NRG) is a cryptocurrency created by Tommy World Power in 2017. And Energi was launched on April 14, 2018. Energi is funded by the continuous release of mined coins. This constitutes the so-called decentralized treasury system. Through this funding, you can create the long-term development of the platform and further develop the smart contract system.

What is NRG Coin?

NRG is considered the coin in the ecosystem of Energi Blockchain Platform. It was born with the purpose of becoming a widely used cryptocurrency, integrating Smart Contract and unlimited scalability.

What problem does Energi (NRG) solve?

The Energi team believes that cryptocurrencies are the future of the global economy.

Nevertheless, after 10 years of development, the value of all cryptocurrencies currently accounts for less than 1% globally.


TommyWorldPower: is a respected leader and thought educator in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. He built a global self-financing, self-management, and distribution team to provide Energi and support its application.

Ryan: As President of Energi Core, Ryan oversees all daily activities. His solid background in software development provides a solid foundation for leading a technology organization. Ryan directs Energi Core with the pillars of a traditional business organization to create consumer confidence and trust.

Greg: has been a Silicon Valley resident for half a century and has over 30 years of experience replicating some of the most recognized technology companies in the engineering industry and its functions.

Omer: After graduating from a business school, Omer worked as an IT Business Consultant for several large organizations such as Exxon Mobil, Verizon and Pfizer. Omer became part of the blockchain revolution in early 2017. Currently, he is dedicated to Energi full-time as a Strategic Change Manager.

Characteristics of Energi

NRG Coin is not issued in the form of Premine or ICO, so there is no initial selling price. Therefore, it will not be under pressure from investors.

Since February 2019, Energi has switched from a PoW consensus mechanism to a PoS consisting of Masternodes and Stakers. So the problem of consuming energy for mines or expensive costs for miners is greatly reduced.

NRG Coin has no total supply limit, and there will be 1 million NRG Coin generated each month. This number is divided by the following components:

  • 40% Energi Treasury: Used to motivate Core team and develop future Education projects and activities of Energi.
  • 10% Energi Backbone.
  • 10% Energi Stakeholders: This NRG Coin is divided among the Stakeholders according to the percentage of NRG they hold.
  • 40% Masternodes: used to encourage Masternodes.

What is NRG Coin used for?

  • NRG Coin is used by end-users as a store of exchange and value. In the future, NRG Coin will be used to pay for products and services.
  • Energi’s partnerships will integrate NRG Coin into dApps or their ecosystem for use by end-users.
  • Masternodes need Stake NRG Coin to have the right to participate in processing transactions.
  • NRG coins are used to pay rewards for Masternodes, and Stakeholders.


  • Q 1, 2020:

Energi 3.0 is released – Energi is rebuilt as a smart contract platform adapted from Ethereum, compatible with applications written for Ethereum.
This major update enables almost all of Ethereum’s capabilities, and combines Masternodes, Treasury, and Governance systems, all in one. Energi will start adopting an existing Ethereum infrastructure like MyEtherWallet. This upgrade also allows dApps to migrate to the Energi ecosystem; in that way, they will benefit from Energi Defense, network security, incubator and other extended services.

  • Q3, 2020:

Energi will start bringing up the most influential blockchain and dApps projects into the Energi platform. Energi will also start offering grants and providing support through our Incubator Program for what we identify as the upcoming strongest dApps in space.

  • Q4, 2020:

Expected timeframe of Energi X to start public testing.

  • Q1, 2021:

Expected launch timeframe of Energi X!

  • Q2, 2021:

Expected launch time frame of Energi Mobile Wallet – Designed for ease of use like Venmo and Cash Application, which can synchronize with phone contacts and make Energi payments easy for users and merchants. It will also be expanded to have a one-click conversion feature between Energi and Energi Gold (a stablecoin built into Energi like Maker’s DAI, pegged to the price of gold).

After the completion of the Energi Mobile Wallet, we will begin major campaigns starting for Energi adoption worldwide, targeting the countries where it is most needed.

  • And more:

In the coming years, Energi seeks to retain thousands of full-time contributors and act as a strong global organization, unlike anything seen in the cryptocurrency space. Energi will continue to expand its marketing, development, and ease of use efforts to quickly increase demand and adoption.


According to the roadmap of the team, they plan to make NRG Coin more used as a means of payment among Merchants. At the same time, allow dApps of other blockchains to transfer to Energi’s Blockchain and use NRG Coin. This is the future of Energi that we all expect.

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