What is Electroneum (ETN)?

Electroneum (ETN) is the first cryptocurrency designed for mobile users. Electroneum develops a phone mining system that allows users to mine ETN coins right on their smartphones. Electroneum is built on Monero’s Cryptonight source code, to help transactions be carried out on a decentralized blockchain.

Anyone can start mining and trading ETN coins for free by creating an account and installing the Electroneum app on their phones. Unlike Bitcoin mining or other cryptocurrencies, which require highly configurable hardware or specialized miners, the Electroneum mining tool consumes very little energy. Mining ETN numbers are paid regularly, and users can spend them instantly from the app at an online and offline store listing that accepts ETN as a form of payment.

Characteristics of Electroneum

Easy to use: With the ETN system, it is easy to access without any problems, and so is the use of money.

Completely anonymous: For other currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, if someone knows your wallet address, they will be able to easily track all your specific transactions and assets. But not so with ETN, all transactions, assets are completely anonymous.

High security: The system’s security is highly appreciated through the development of offline wallets (similar to cold wallets). With this type of wallet, no one can afford to steal your account.

Massive supply: The total supply of ETN is about 21 billion ETN compared to 21 million BTC.

Highly interactive: ETN uses a CPU-friendly mining algorithm, which means it can be mined in browsers and on regular PCs, Macs and smartphones. ETN is designed with fast and easy trading. You can transfer ETNs to other accounts to trade, buy and sell products, pay for games, apps or simply pay for an item the seller agrees to receive.

Not much dependent: blockchain-based ETNs build their own purpose and unlike many other cryptocurrencies are based on existing blockchains like Ethereum.


Richard Ells – CEO
Founder of Electroneum; The fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. Owners of two other successful digital businesses; SiteWizard (digital agency) and Retortal (social media scheduler).

Nick Cook – Head of Operations
Nick provides over 20 years of consulting experience for some of the world’s largest automotive brands, including Aston Martin, Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover.

Barry Last – Head of Tech Development
Barry is an experienced Solution Architect, having spent 15 years working for a leading, award-winning automotive expert.

Nigel Pooley – Head of Business Development
Nigel is an experienced entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience, providing solutions for some of the world’s largest telecommunications brands, including Nokia, Vodafone and AT&T.

Chris Norris – Head of Corporate Relations
With more than 18 years of senior roles at global financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch and Citigroup, Chris is well-positioned to promote Electroneum when the financial markets embrace cryptocurrencies.

Road map

Q1 2020

  • AnyTask.com unbanked freelancer platform launches worldwide
  • AnyTask.com ad campaign & buyer campaign goes live
  • Electroneum is listed on Biki, a top 20 exchange
  • Electroneum collaborates directly with major MNO Cellcard on mobile top-ups in Cambodia
  • Global mobile top-ups launch. Mobile data and airtime now available to buy in ETN directly via Electroneum app in over 140 countries
  • M1 Electroneum smartphone stocked by Cellcard in Cambodia

Q2 2020

  • Merchant programme ETN Everywhere launching into Beta
  • Supporting NGOs / Charities with the launch of ETN Donate
  • Utilities integration. Pay for electricity and more with ETN
  • Mobile wallet integrations, providing more places to spend ETN
  • Electroneum brand building advertising campaign goes live


Electroneum is a project that brings the idea of ​​mining coins on mobile applications so unique that no coin has ever done before. ETN’s mining platform makes it possible for people to make money for free without having to invest too much money to buy mining hardware like other coins. In terms of development team factors, actual products, roadmap and community usage, Electroneum deserves to be the name on your long-term investment list.

You can check ETN price here.

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