What is Electra (ECA)?

Electra (ECA), is the product that combines the capabilities, skills, and talents of an ever-growing community of programmers, developers, core business professionals, and other contributors. The project is built on a blockchain that is rich in features and high functionality. Electra has continuously gone through many stages of validation, and through this process, only the most valuable changes are adopted and integrated into the project. As features have been added and as improvements continue to be made, decisions will be closely reviewed and enhanced as needed. A key component of Electra’s strength is its ability to consistently adapt and respond to the needs of the ever-changing global environment.

Characteristics of Electra


Electra is completely decentralized, with every aspect of it being transparent. Even the code is open source.


Instant transactions with 64 seconds of confirmation block time.


Our NIST5 / SHA256 blockchain ensures your money is protected from malicious attacks.


Successful projects are nothing without their community. Join our growing community of users and help evolve Electra as it moves forward.

Features of Electra

Fast payment: When a transaction is made in ECA coin, the recipient’s wallet will receive money almost instantly and can be spent as soon as the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain. Validation takes less than five minutes.

Zero Access Transaction Fee: The Electra network transaction fee of 0.001001 ECA, which is a very low fee.

Staking Rewards: ECA has an annual share bonus of 50%. There is no fixed reward per block. Each equity bonus is proportional to the staked amount relative to the total number of ECAs in circulation.

Environmentally friendly: The NIST5 algorithm used by ECA cryptocurrency is more eco-friendly than competing technologies and has proven to be a sustainable choice for deploying systems based on blockchain. NIST5 requires significantly less power to run than competing algorithms without compromising the safety of network members. Furthermore, Electra does not use the extensible Proof of Work (PoW). Electra’s blockchain network is now Proof of Stake (PoS), resulting in no miners and significantly reduced carbon emissions.

The future of Electra


ElectraPay is about applying payments to our fast and secure payment network. Electra is about to announce many partnerships, so please buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Using the WordPress store plugin, we are rolling out ways websites and merchants can accept Electracoin as a payment method.

LN Technology

Atomic swaps will allow for quick conversion from Electra coin (ECA) currency to other major cryptocurrencies like $ BTC, $ LTC, and $ ETH. While also using the Lightning Network, the future of Electra Coin is bright.


Since its inception in 2017, Project Electra has been developed with invaluable features designed to enable merchants, customers, and ordinary users to incorporate Electra’s global payment system into life. Every day. Since its inception, Electra has kept its users at the forefront of Project decisions throughout its development with the goal of transforming the way the world views payments through cryptocurrencies and the public. Blockchain technology.

User benefits include:

– Ability to join the Electra community & work to increase the monetary value of the project and coins

– Use ElectraPay, a payment option for online and in-store purchases

– Safe and secure payment is built based on NIST5 algorithm

– Very low transaction fee 0.00001%

– Instant transactions with 64 seconds confirmation time

– Worldwide ATMs for easy use of Electra debit cards

– No foreign currency exchange fee

– Receive rewards on Electra network

Merchant’s benefits include:

– Easy to install ElectraPay, a sales plugin for online stores

– Safe and secure payments built on the NIST5 algorithm with significantly lower transaction fees than credit or debit card options

– Instant transactions with 64 seconds confirmation time

– No foreign currency exchange fee

– A global crypto ATM partnership, with the opportunity to include an ATM at a merchant’s location


Electra’s team is made up of members from all over the world. The team is made up of a growing list of trusted community members that are rapidly pouring into the time and effort to continue Electra’s mission.

Bob van Egeraat: As the project and web developer of the project, he used to be a marketing manager at National ZorgFonds; Online marketeer by LETS BRAND – letsbrand.com; Online marketing freelancer by Elance.


The creation of the cryptocurrency of the future requires going beyond the limits of current technology. It requires a commitment to continue to grow and succeed. The power of ECA is that individuals from all over the world come together to form a community of stakeholders who are fully involved in the direction of Project Electra. As a community, the ECA team understands that to continue developing the most advanced technology for the development of cryptocurrencies, the Electra Project must adapt to future economic and social needs. As crypto technology moves forward, Electra’s development team is fully prepared to adapt emerging innovations more efficiently and outperformed existing features, allowing it to maintain the advantaged competition in the market.

You can check the ECA price here.

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