What is Eidoo (EDO)?

Eidoo (EDO) is a wallet that integrates multiple cryptocurrencies with a number of handy extras like support for determining the hierarchy. And it is a full exchange of cryptocurrencies. The wallet is available online and free from the iOS app store or from the Google Play Store for Android.

In general, Eidoo’s purpose is to help users easily manage their crypto assets based on blockchain. The wallet focuses on Ethereum and ERC20 tokens and supports bitcoin virtual currency.

Eidoo held a token sale from October 4 to October 16, 2017. Eidoo is based in Switzerland, and the company (Eidoo SAGL) is incorporated under Swiss law.

Features of Eidoo

HD support: Eidoo supports decentralized identification structures, allowing users to create sub wallets while keeping their primary wallet address private.

Easy management: User-friendly wallet and users can easily read QR codes, send and receive digital currencies, etc.

Contact list and transaction history: All of your Ethereum addresses are stored in a standardized way and all your transactions can be viewed in one place.

Eidoo Exchange: Eidoo has an integrated hybrid exchange in which users can trade between ERC20 and ETH assets for a low fee.

Private key managed by the user: Users are only responsible for managing their private key, not held by Eidoo, that is, the keys are fully decentralized.

Ethereum and ERC20 token storage: Eidoo is capable of storing Ether as well as other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.


Founder Natale M. Ferrara: He has nearly 5 years of experience as CEO of various companies. Prior to Eidoo, he was the CEO of companies like Koros Security Digital Vpn and Blockchain, CFO of Digital Identity SA. He also co-founded a number of companies, including Sgame pro and ICO Race.

Co-founder and CTO Marco Polci: He is a blockchain expert with nearly 2 decades of experience as a software developer. He has consulted on various blockchain-based projects such as Edgless, WINGS Stiftung and TokenMarket, and also CTO of Digital Identity SA.

Eidoo Director, Thomas Bertani: He has over 8 years of experience in software development and management. Prior to joining Eidoo as its director, he was the founder and CEO of the Italian cash market of Bitcoin, Bitboat Ltd. He also founded Oraclize and was the executive director of the consulting firm.

Other team members include CMO Amelia Tomasicchio, CFO Luca Tamarindi, Artistic Director of Filippo Grasselli and more.


The fact that Eidoo has grown quite rapidly, makes it attractive to many investors. Moreover, the idea of a comprehensive, versatile wallet compatible with all popular cryptocurrencies that also acts as an exchange when requested, is an innovation.

Eidoo seems to combine as many crypto applications as possible in a single application, and the fact that it has been implemented is certainly beneficial for cryptocurrencies. Eidoo is a cryptocurrency with great promise of investment. However, in the volatile virtual currency field, you should consider investing and researching the market to make the right decisions.

You can check EDO price here.

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