What is DESK token? The new opportunity to earn DESK by reading articles, watching videos on CoinDesk

According to the CoinDesk news site, the platform will integrate the DESK token and increase the convenience of the user experience. Accordingly, users can earn DESK by reading articles, watching videos, and interacting on CoinDesk.com.

What is DESK?

DESK is CoinDesk’s growing social token product, which aims to be a mechanism for exchanging value with users through interaction. This is the first time CoinDesk has applied this interactive reward model when testing the beta version of DESK at Consensus 2021 but only as a virtual experience. A year later, they took DESK out of beta and into the actual IRL Consensus event in Austin, Texas.

After much development, they decided to provide a DESK experience across the board, and to drive the launch of Consensus Magazine this week, CoinDesk is using DESK to drive engagement with content before the upcoming Consensus 2023. Next, the most crucial discussion on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3, takes place April 26-28, again in Austin.

How to use DESK

Readers can find DESK rewards on Consensus Magazine articles, Carpe Consensus podcast episodes, and Consensus-related CDTV episodes. They need to create a Coindesk.com account to receive DESK rewards on the site.

The requested DESK reward will accrue in each reader’s CoinDesk balance found in the DESK Hub. Once they are ready to use their tokens in the vast DESK ecosystem, readers can transfer their DESK from coindesk.com after connecting to the Web3 wallet. Starting today, readers can exchange their tokens for various NFT tokens. They can also use their DESK to access token-controlled channels and Web3 features in CoinDesk’s Discord community.

DESK can also be used to participate in coded polls and community recommendations in the SnapShot space. The company is currently working on developing more DESK redemption opportunities, including a storefront where readers can redeem selected real items and ways to upgrade their Consensus 2023 experience in April.

You can buy NFT Condesk here.

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