What is Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland (MANA) is a Virtual Reality (VR) project, allowing users to create a token-based economy to own land in the virtual reality world with limited space. The Decentraland MANA token is used to buy land or pay for services in it.

Decentraland is built on Ethereum’s Blockchain platform. With Decentraland users can unleash creativity for their lands. When buying land on the Decentraland network, ownership is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. You have full access to that land, creating unprecedented experiences. For example, you can go to the movies, go to casinos, drive a car, go shopping, open a company … all in a 360-degree 3D space.

Some applications on Decentraland platform

On Decentraland platform there are many interesting applications, to bring users the most beautiful and interesting experience:

Content security: you can be assured when your content and transaction information are always the most strictly confidential.

Social networking: Everyone in a game, chatting, can bring people in an organization to Decetraland.

Advertising: Just like in real life, brands can fully promote their names by using names or high traffic plots, located in a wide position.

How does Decentraland work?

Decentraland offers you lots of opportunities to explore. You can also choose to create a unique piece of the universe. The choice is yours. You can buy land through the Etheruem Blockchain and have full ownership.

It provides the owner with a land with a convention of value: 1000 MANA = 1 LAND. Once you buy the land, no one is stopping you from building what you desire. You can create as much as you want and build whatever you want. You have complete control over the land, meaning only your imagination will limit you. You can go to the casino, attend seminars, watch live music, go shopping with friends, visit underwater resorts, drive your dream car, start your business and more. All of this will be experienced inside a 360-degree virtual world.

We can say, Decentraland is a virtual reality ecosystem, and you need to pay an amount to be able to “have fun” in it. And the MANA token integrated with Ethereum’s ERC-20 technologies is the currency in this world.


It can be said that the Decentraland project development team has a lot of experience in virtual reality technology and Blockchain. Let’s take a look at the key components of the MANA development team.

Ari Meilich: The founder of the Decentraland Project (MANA) attended the University of Buenos Aires.

Esteban Ordano: Chief technical officer. Along with Arimeilich are the founders of Streamium and Bitcore

Along with a strong team of advisors such as Xiaolai Li (INBlockchain founder), Jake Brukhman (founder of CoinFund), Luis Cuende (Aragon Project Manager), Diego Doval, Giotto De Filipi … promises to bring the success of the Decentraland project.


In terms of technology ideas, Decentraland is a project with a very different idea, leading the cryptocurrency market, which is considered to be the strongest element of this project. Decentraland also owns a team of experienced developers and advisors in many fields, especially crypto, Blockchain and virtual reality, and people are a key factor in determining the success of a project, because so you should consider the quintessence of any project you want to invest in.

In addition, the partners are also important to note, the Decentraland project currently has four partners: district0x, Aragon, ImToken and most recently Binance – the largest digital asset trading platform in the world, here is considered great news for the Decentraland community.

You can check MANA price here.

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