What is Decentr (DEC)?

Decentr (DEC), an immutable platform that collects and secures user data, allows people to make money from their internet activities. Its native token, DEC, is used to buy and sell data and according to Poloniex, helps determine the value of user data. Users can earn or lose personal data or PDV values, based on positive or negative interactions in the Decentr platform. PDV actively increases the spending value of the DEC token.

DEC is the latest DeFi project that Poloniex added to stabilize. Crypto exchange adds that DEC is part of the ongoing support for DeFi projects.

Decentr created an IoV by using data in monetary form instead of currency as part of the foundation for a sustainable data economy. This will create the technical, contractual, and compliance basis for a global digital marketplace, controlled at the individual user level.

Benefits of Decentr

You are the owner

On Decentr you own your personal user data. Every online visit is still part of your personal ID, stored securely on your DecID.

Your data is currency

Secure data has superior value store properties to money. This value can be used on Decentr as an exchangeable currency to offset payments at POS.

Your personal data value

Your personal data value (PDV) functions as your personal exchange rate between all currencies, fiat and digital.

Engagement = value

Your PDV oscillates: positive engagement will see an increase in your PDV, make payments cheaper and the level of negative interaction will see the same decline.

A “true” data economy

Realizing a “true” data economy

Decentr aims to realize the full potential of a “true” data economy by building a secure open-source platform that decentralises current centralized data exchange systems in a similar way blockchain solutions decentralise digital trades, solving the data sharing/storage paradox.

This will allow data to be safely stored, reused and exchanged as distributed and distributed data as part of a real data economy – one that repurposes data as a convenient, secure and fungible “value store”.

Decentr tokenomics

Deconomics & DEC

Deconomics (or decentralized economic decentralization) is a radically-new type of heterodox/behavioral economic model that Decentr developed to support the exchange of data-into-money and money-into-data in a data economy currently worth USD $ 1.7TRN.

Deconomics gives native Decentr token (DEC) unparalleled utility. DEC is the only token to support the exchange between data and all currencies (fiat and digital) as part of a new global economy based on economic extraction from structured data.


Nikita Anikeev, Co-Founder, CTO
BSc (ITC) (Telecommunications Engineering), City University, NYC .. He is an experienced project distribution manager with a history of working in information technology and services. He has skills in mobile applications, business web development, project management based on Agile method.

Paul Sluszko, Co-Founder, COO
Background working for UK Courts service and national UK charities, with an amount to improve processes, business communications and work processes. He has experience with the Gov.uk intranet and B2B and B2C business and information distribution systems, primarily in the public domain.

Rich James, Co-Founder, CCO
He has experienced technical, conceptual and H2020-H2027 bid writer. He is a Blockchain / Crypto, AI and business writer and editor for government, business and non-profit. He is responsible for turning complex systems and economic principles, SSH & communications into executable specifications for the developer team.


Data is the new currency. Companies have been selling your stolen data for more than a decade now – raw user data really belongs to you. Decentr returns control – and value – to your data to you, the user.

You retain the payables that are assigned to the safety data you create on Decentr. You use this data value to compensate for purchases made through our platform, making goods and services cheaper for you.

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