What is DAD?

DAD as a new generation of decentralized advertising public chain, has made advertising data more open and transparent, so advertisers can know where their money is being spent without compromising on users’ privacy. In addition, micro-amount and high-frequency settlement is an option in the advertising industry thanks to the Lightning Network and combined with token economy incentives, empower all parties to maintain a healthy advertising ecosystem.

DAD token

DAD tokens are published based on the ERC20 token standard. The DAD token is a cryptocurrency that runs on the DAD blockchain. It is the core of the DAD advertising economy. All types of transactions in the economic system are made with DAD tokens.

DAD token usage scenarios include:

  • Advertiser budget investment
  • Publishers’ profit allocation
  • Users’ profit allocation
  • Block producers’ profit allocation
  • Block producer staking
  • Voting content quality
  • Administrative voting
  • Content payment
  • Pay to opt-out
  • Other added-value services

Features of DAD

Data transparency
The upstream and source is traceable to advertising data, so advertisers have a clearer picture of the details, down to the penny.

Precise delivery
Perfecting the user label system through token economy and optimizing the label system through AI algorithms to increase ad conversion rates.

Lightning network
Making it possible for high frequencies and micro-amount settlements in the advertising industry.

User benefit
Users, who are an important part of this advertising ecosystem, can benefit by watching ads and reporting unacceptable ads.

Business landing
Many years of advertising industry experience, combined with blockchain technology, DAD has eliminated the problems occurring in the traditional advertising industry.

Rich in ecology
Participated in the traditional advertising industry for many years and has access to the rich resources that enable us to meet all parties’ needs.


The DAD blockchain will apply the framework provided by Ontology, including a complete distributed ledger and smart contract system. In addition, DAD has scaled its existing advertising business base and developed a rich set of rich application layer components targeted to ad serving, matching, settlement, statistics, and spatial protection. etc. The feasibility of verifying the identity of individuals and groups through status IDs, combined with verifiable random functions (VRF) and VBFT consensus algorithms, DAD will be able to support large-scale network operation and ensure high performance and ultimate consistency at the same time.


Herman Pang

He is a Master of Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has worked at Microsoft Research Asia. He is the head of the big data platform Yoai, who initiated the plan to spark 10 million DAD. He has done extensive research on blockchain technology and complex networks, and has unique insights in digital media content analysis.

Steven Wang

He is in charge of CoinAdv, a graduate of Northwestern Polytechnic University, co-founder of Effective Physics, YeahMobi foreign marketing VP, Blockchain industry expert of Mundomedia APAC. He has a deep understanding of both blockchain and the advertising industry.

Elon Xu

He is a Bachelor of Computer Science, Peking University. He used to be head of Huawei’s end-to-end cloud storage suite, Sohu R&D Center (Sogou Technology) as well as head of Sogou Music Product Quality Division. He has been working on distributed systems for nearly ten years.

Jay Ding

He graduated from the University of Waterloo, majoring in Actuarial Science. Jay Ding is a partner of New Margin Capital Shanghai. He has 8 years of experience in investment, project incubation and product management. He focuses on building ecosystems and developing DAD business.


The DAD blockchain will be built based on Onology, the new generation public blockchain and distributed trust platform. Through smart contracts and token economy, DAD achieves data openness, transaction transparency, and user revenue sharing, to improve advertising quality and distribution efficiency, build a new generation of blockchain advertising systems and reshape the advertising industry as we know it today.

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