What is CyberVein (CVT)?

CyberVein (CVT) is one of the first blockchain platforms in the world designed to help combine the world of public and private blockchains in order to create a unified service that allows maximum security. CyberVein uses a functional model that helps integrate an existing data economy with the original blockchain to help facilitate its overall operability. CyberVein will help ensure basic functionality in the existing database. It also allows for contract-oriented language implementation to provide technology solutions capable of handling complex data value systems.

The CyberVein network is the first Distributed Ledger system that allows decentralized management of complex data sets on the blockchain without requiring centralized storage providers. Just like the Internet is everyone’s public network, CyberVein is the public network of immutable databases. In particular, information can easily be transacted, connected and transformed into structured knowledge.

CVT is the main token of CyberVein, which is used for many different purposes, such as to pay for service fees in the platform, used as a reward for those who have contributed in the platform.

Features and characteristics of CyberVein

Unique smart contract implementation: One of the main features of this system is that it uses smart contracts to eliminate the need for manual synchronization of data sets. Smart contracts allow ‘automatic correlation operations’ to occur by specifying appropriate data values in advance.

Good usability: The platform uses ‘virtual machine modules’ along with decentralized ledger to help users execute and manage database operations in a well-defined and streamlined manner.

Ease of use: Cyber Vein allows users to use their own data value definitions to build smart contracts. Moreover, even complex parameters can be entered relatively easily when using this system.

Save resources: Due to its digital characteristics, the platform does not put much pressure on other nodes that exist in the network. This not only helps facilitate faster trading but also allows for better overall performance.

Different consensus mechanism: Unlike Bitcoin and other famous altcoins that use the Proof of Work (POW) model, CyberVein uses a unique Proof-of-Contribution (POC) mechanism that eliminates the need for exploiters and third party users.

Low fee structure: Overall transaction and confirmation fees charged to users are very low (especially when compared to conventional money transfer services).

Using DAG architecture: DAG is a functional tool when used by cryptographic platforms that can enable faster and more efficient transaction confirmation. This is primarily done by allowing each new transaction to confirm one or more previous transactions, thus resulting in the creation of a directed graph that does not contain repetitive cycles.


CyberVein’s development team consists of many members with many years of experience in blockchain, finance and accounting. Here are the outstanding members of the project:


Arthur Yu: Arthur has a Master’s degree in Finance and a Bachelor of Computer Science from Imperial College, London. Arthur used to work for J.P.Morgan in London. He founded O2O company and SAAS platform development company of SAAS after returning to China. Arthur has experience in web site development and architecture, and experience with developing high-performing teams.

Ansel Ko: Ansel graduated with a Master’s degree in Management from University of Reading, UK. He is a serial entrepreneur of social platforms such as the Precision Advertising, Tata website, and DSP Media. Since 2015, he has been involved in finance and investment.

Jerry Ning: Jerry Ning attended Oregon State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, majoring in statistics. Previously, he used to be a Expedia data analyst. He is scalable on a multitude of professional statistical software including SPSS, sigma, R. He has his own unique perspective on data analysis.

Lynn Lin: She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Xi International Research University. Lynn is an award-winning marketer with experience as a marketing strategist for a leading listed company.


As blockchain continues to grow, the need for increased user control and privacy also arises in this technology. CyberVein is one of the platforms designed to help unite the world of public and private blockchains to create a unified service that allows maximum security.

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