What is Cortex (CTXC)?

Cortex (CTXC) is a decentralized AI platform that has been built on the blockchain with the purpose of creating a public blockchain platform. Cortex allows the use of AI algorithms to support smart contracts, which means it can also use Cortex to add AI to their smart contracts. In addition, Cortex also creates an incentive mechanism for collective collaboration, which allows anyone to customize if there are errors and optimize the models in Cortex. They will receive certain rewards when contributing to platforms. All of the above work aims to help Cortex provide the most advanced AI models on the blockchain.

Features of Cortex

Smart AI contract: Cortex allows users to write AI-related programs on the blockchain, then send the program to other smart contracts after it has been confirmed.

Cortex Virtual Machine: Cortex has its own virtual machine called the Cortex Virtual Machine or CVM. CVM’s script is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and supports the knowledge to infer.

Cortex Inference Consensus: When a user starts a transaction with a contract, all nodes in the platform need to execute the smart contract’s code. Cortex smart contracts are different from regular smart contracts because Cortex’s “smart contracts” can be equipped with the knowledge to infer a certain outcome. And then, all nodes need to agree with the outcome of this inference. This creates a consensus.

Framework Submission Model: Cortex also provides a submission interface to familiarize yourself with the off-chain solution, including submissions to virtual machines, to explain instructions for models. This creates a bridge between computing and algorithmic vendors, enabling transactions and collaboration between participants in the Cortex ecosystem.

Cortex Intelligence Inference Framework: Machine learning researchers around the world can upload well-trained corresponding data models to Cortex’s storage layer. Then, users who need these AI models can deduce using the models, then pay the vendors.


Cortex is based in Singapore. The development team consists of many talented people in many different fields. Key members of the project include:

CEO Ziqi Chen, he is the co-founder of Waterhole.io with a bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University in the field of Civil Engineering, and two master’s degrees in Engineering, one in Civil Engineering and another in machine learning.

CTO Weiyang Wang, is the Technical Director of Cortex and has many important experiences. He won first prize in Fintech Hackathon, Dorahacks 2017 and with M.S. Department of Statistics at the University of Chicago, Bachelor of Economics and Aerospace Engineering at Tshinghua University.

Yang Yang – Blockchain Chief Engineer, he is the co-founder of Waterhole.io. He graduated from Tsinghua University with a major in Computer Science.
The other members of Team are Xiao Yan, Amy Chen, Wentao Tian, ​​Yang Yang, …


Cortex is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform with the task of providing modern machine learning models on the blockchain, in which users can infer using smart contracts on the Cortex blockchain. It allows users to write machine learning programs on the blockchain and send interactions that depend on other contracts. Cortex differs from conventional smart contracts in that it can involve inference instructions, and then all nodes need to agree on the inferred results.

You can check CTXC price here.

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