BOSAGORA (BOA) focuses on building an open decentralized blockchain, ensuring the transparency of the consensus algorithm and the clarity of contracts. BOSAGORA will play an important role in creating a better world with blockchain technology as a project creator.

The mission is to build an open decentralized blockchain protocol, ensuring the transparency of the consensus algorithm and the clarity of the contract, thereby enriching the blockchain ecosystem through enabling meaningful projects with the expression of collective intelligence by an advanced democratic decision-making process.

Features of BOSAGORA

Forward Thinking

Pioneering future realization: They aim to develop a Proof of Stake and Federated Byzantine Agreement consensus blockchain platform with the development of advanced technology that anyone can experience speed and reliability.


Mature democracy: Everyone can demonstrate democracy that ensures the highest level of fairness through free and comprehensive decision-making with advanced deliberate democratic decision-making tools.


Clear transparency: To help people easily see the entire project through transparency and decision making based on established processes. (Community update, Technical Advisory Board, Github, Congress voting process)


Q1, 2020 Settlement TestNet (Validator)

Settlement TestNet (Validator)
– Ensure that validators sign with a frozen UTXO
– Validator creation
– Transaction creation
– Nomination protocol
– Block creation
– Simplified Payment Verification (SPV)
– Slashing protocol
– Quorum balancing

Q2, 2020 Settlement TestNet (Validator)

Settlement TestNet (Validator)
– Advanced administrative interface
– Block rewards
– Rate limitation
– Node to node encryption

Q3, 2020 Flash TestNet / Tool Integration

Flash TestNet
– Basic script execution engine
– Payment Channel
– Time locks
– Path finding
– Transaction replacement
– Settlement rules

Tool Integration
– Atomic wallet integration
– Publicly deployed nodes
– Advanced administrative interface
– Block rewards
– Rate limitation
– Node to node encryption

Q4, 2020 Tool Integration / CoinNet

Tool Integration
– Implement auto-update software for Agora

– Dedicated foundation nodes
– Monitoring tools
– Bug bounty
– Begin Votera Integration
– Test & Beta Launching


Inhwan Kim – President
He brings over 35 years of marketing experience to the BOSAGORA team. For 35 years, Inhwan Kim has been the driving force behind many leading brands in the industry, ranging from IT to traditional finance. Some of these brands include the spring water brand Jeju Samdasu and the stock trading community portal Paxnet. Inhwan Kim has left the BOS Platform Foundation since 2015, where he holds the chairmanship.

Serge Komaromi – Founder
Immediately after graduating from law school in Geneva, Swiss Serge Komaromi joined UBS International Bank, where he worked as fund manager. In 2009, after spending his life in a traditional bank, Serge Komaromi decided to bring his efforts to environmental initiatives in the hope of helping to improve the state of our planet. In 2017 Serge Komaromi joined the BOS Platform Foundation, and was responsible for general oversight and legal matters.

Munsu Lee – Vice president
Since the early 1990s, Munsu Lee has been a pioneer in the IT industry. He started his career by creating the first cloud computing system in Korea. From there, he continued to create internal business group solutions and shopping malls. Munsu Lee has also become a cornerstone of the financial sector by creating the foundations of many of the stock markets and financial services that enterprise-class companies take advantage of to this day. Since 2014, Munsu Lee has provided security solutions for both traditional financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges. Munsu Lee joined BOSAGORA in 2017 and is currently the vice president of the foundation and CEO of BPF Korea.


The BOSAGORA group aims to overcome the technical and operational problems inherent in many cryptocurrencies. The incentive plan and the issuance plan aim to create value for the coin while preventing power concentration. The BOSAGORA team will aim to achieve these goals while taking advantage of the security and integrity achievable through blockchain technology.

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