What is Blockstack (STX)?

Blockstack (STX) is the internet and browser for decentralized applications. Blockstack’s network uses Blockchain technology to build protocols and tools for developers. It helps Digital Rights return the right developers and customers.

Users will own their data and applications on the local network. Blockstack provides local internet infrastructure and development tools for decentralized applications. Currently, Blockstack is developing a sorting and sorting solution for decentralized applications. The platform’s focus is to replace the reliance on centralized cloud service providers and applications that require user information to be stored on these services. Currently, more than 120 applications are running on the Blockstack network.

Blockstack has the advantage of eliminating critical points of a vulnerability. By eliminating weaknesses, Blockstack makes user data more secure.

Blockstack application

Blockchain technology can be very complicated. Blockstack is a third-party provider of sign-in / sign up / authentication that makes it easy to develop applications and publish them on Decentralized app stores like App.co …

After integrating Blockstack, users can optionally send unique account information they create from Blockstack to the API.

Blockstack is a decentralized network so all user data is secure, and users have complete control over personal information when using the internet. Blockstack is at the forefront of computing because it is a new type of cloud computing application.

What is Blockstack Token?

STX is the coin inside Blockstack.

It helps to motivate all stakeholders to work together in the Blockstack network.

Features of Blockstack

In browsers or applications in today’s basic ways, user information and data will be stored on cloud storage by third-party service providers.

Application developers also cannot access it. On the other hand, users can store this data right on personal computers. Or, if you want better memory storage, users have the choice of storage providers.


Muneeb Ali – CEO: Muneeb Ali is the co-founder of Blockstack and the CEO of Blockstack PBC. He received his doctorate in distributed systems from Princeton University and lectured guests on cloud computing there. He is a researcher visiting Stanford and SICS universities.

Albert Wenger – USV Management Partner: Albert Wenger is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures (USV), where he has led many investments, including USV investments in Etsy (IPO), MongoDB (IPO). ), Twilio (IPO), Behance (acquired by Adobe) and Firebase (acquired by Google).

JP Singh – Princeton Professor: JP Singh has been a lecturer in computer science at Princeton University since 1995. He received his PhD at Stanford University and is a leader in scalable applications and infrastructure.



  • Ecosystem grants for Blockstack infrastructure and integration.
  • App Mining 2.0 for app developer incentives.
  • Request for Startups (RFS) for the Blockstack ecosystem.
  • App chains to expand new crypto assets and apps.

H2 2020

  • Stacks 2.0 mainnet launch in July / Aug (tentative date), with PoX mining.
  • Clarity smart contract language live on Stacks 2.0 mainnet.
  • Login SDKs for easy on-boarding.
  • Collections for sharing user data between apps.
  • Android Stacks 2.0 wallet with Ledger integration.
  • Clarity language tooling and developer resources.
  • Community-driven App Mining 2.0 proposals and experimental grants.

H1 2020

  • Increased decentralization of the Blockstack ecosystem, independent entities.
  • Stacks 2.0 testnet release, and completion of initial testnet phases.
  • Community-driven formation of an independent Stacks Foundation.
  • Wallet SDK for integrations with exchanges, wallets, and custody.
  • New user authenticator with simplified UX.
  • Whitepaper for PoX mining and earning Bitcoin by participating in consensus.
  • Final hardfork of the Stacks 1.0 chain, distribution of STX to 300K new owners.
  • Initial network scaling and growth username registrations (Milestone 2).
  • Increase App Mining 1.0 STX payouts. Proposals for App Mining 2.0.‍
  • SIP-007 accepted for PoX mining and earning Bitcoin.


STX allows all Users to own their own data. Users can transfer data from one application to another within the project ecosystem.

With Blockstack ID, users can completely bypass the login to their personal data via password as before. The ultimate goal is to bring privacy, security and freedom to users.

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