What is BitMart? How to Register on BitMart?

According to Coinmarketcap, with more than 500 million transactions per day, BitMart ranks among the most popular exchanges in the world. This is a positive result when they only launched in March 2018.

Today, let’s learn about BitMart trading platform and the features that make BitMart different from other exchanges!

What is BitMart?

BitMart is a crypto-crypto exchange, officially registered in the Cayman Islands. BitMart has been officially registered as a Money Services Specialist (MSB), after receiving the MSB license with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the United States.

With this license, BitMart is able to provide crypto trading and trading services in various countries.

BitMart technology platform

BitMart is built on the Google Cloud platform. The platform uses distributed computing services from Google Spanner and BigTable to ensure the security of user data.

Through these systems, the exchange can adjust its service capacity automatically according to the internet speed. Help every user can enjoy and experience the same service.

Advantages of BitMart

  • Support many forms of transactions: buying and selling crypto with Visa, Mastercard, crypto-crypto transactions.
  • Number of diverse trading pairs with more than 145 trading pairs to choose from
  • Users will receive many incentives (such as reduced transaction fees) when using BMX.

Disadvantages of BitMart

  • Established in March 2018, the exchange has a relatively young age.
  • The volume is only in the top 20
  • No margin trade
  • Non-KYC accounts will not be withdrawn from the exchange.

How to Register on BitMart?

Step 1: Click here to visit BitMart’s homepage. You should save this link to make sure not to be confused with other fake sites.

Step 2: Enter your Email and click Next; then drag the shift bar to match the picture correctly!

Step 3: Receive “Code Code” sent to your email from the system. Enter the “Code” in the Email and click “Create new account”.

Verify your identity KYC

Click on your Account, select “Click to verify your identity”. Then you fill out the full information name, phone number, date of birth.

Like other exchange, they requires a photo of the ID card on the front, the back and a selfie of the brothers holding ID and paper written on dates to KYC.

After KYC is successful, your account will be withdrawn up to 100 BTC one day.

Activate 2-step 2FA security

Click on your account name and select “Account”. Navigate to the “Google Authenticator” section and click “Enable”. Use Google Authenticator to scan QR Code for OTP.

Note that you should copy and save “Secret Key” in case you want to restore 2FA.

Next, enter the Google Code and click “Submit” to enable 2FA security for the account.


After one year of operation since its inception, there has been no information that BitMart has been hacked. In the context of many unsafe exchanges today, this can help you feel secure trading and trading crypto.

The use of Token BMX is an effective addition and the exchange is developing on a very successful model like Binance used to be. Through it, users can make money from hold tokens.

As a relatively young exchange, BitMart is still growing day by day. We absolutely have the basis to wait for more attractive features to be released in the near future from BitMart.

Hopefully, through the information you have provided above, you can learn more about BitMart exchange and its potential. If you have any questions regarding BitMart, feel free to leave a comment below! See you guys later in the next article!

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