What is BitKan (KAN)?

BitKan (KAN) is a bitcoin trading platform founded in 2013. In 2016, BitKan received a $ 1.6 million Series A investment led by Bitmain. BitKan provides a web-based exchange, a bitcoin trading application, OTC trading and other bitcoin services.

BitKan is most famous in China, specifically for Android apps. This application provides comprehensive trading services. It also functions as a wallet. Most of the BitKan management team, comes from Huawei, the Chinese electronics giant. The founders launched BitKan in 2013.

Features of BitKan

Real-time markets information
Integrating hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, BitKan can provide project information, real-time prices, charts and many other technical analysis tools for Bitcoin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

Latest breaking news & headlines
BitKan provides new domestic and foreign news & headlines in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Users can browse all the news with one application.

Cryptocurrency community
The K website is the leading community of the cryptocurrency industry. Initiating the content value discovering mechanism, the K website has attracted a lot of KOL, blockchain projects, content producers. You can interact deeply with people who share the most valuable and original ideas.

Smart transactions
Bitkan aggregates the depth of first-tier exchanges around the world, providing the best price and depth for users trading cryptocurrency with a single integrated account.

Wallets for many properties
Our wallets support BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, QTUM, SAFE and other major currencies and many other tokens based on ERC20, BitShares and other public blockchains.

Mining monitor
You can have the operational status of miners at hand anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of Bitkan

Easy, one-click trading: No deposit required. BitKan supports local payment methods such as WeChat and AliPay. You can complete the entire transaction within minutes.

Secure storage: Cold and hot wallets are kept separate on BitKan. The team behind BitKan previously worked for Fortune 500 companies and has over 10 years of experience. They offer real-time data backup, multiple virus protection and comprehensive and safe risk control strategies.

Low transaction fee: BitKan charges the order taker 0% and the matched person 0.3%.

Mobile support: BitKan offers comprehensive trading services via a mobile application, available for Android.

BitKan mobile application

One of the biggest advantages of using BitKan is that you can easily make transactions from your mobile device. BitKan mobile application is available for Android. You can use it as a bitcoin wallet, an OTC exchange or as a data source and market news. Here are some core features of the application:

  • Buy and sell bitcoins on a P2P e-commerce model
  • Use it as a bitcoin wallet to receive, store and send bitcoins
  • Check real-time quotes and quotes from 30 exchanges from around the world
  • Set prices and get alerts as quickly as possible; 24-hour monitoring tool available
  • See news from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries

Pros and cons


  • BitKan mobile application is upgraded.
  • Bitkan wallets currently support more than 98% of the cryptocurrencies available in the market.
  • Free content on the platform.
  • The mature project has been launched since 2012.
  • Professional and skilled team.


  • The current KAN token market value is underestimated.


BitKan is a long-term bitcoin trading and trading platform that caters to Chinese residents. The platform is available online through BitKan.com, but it is especially popular via the mobile app for Android.

In general, the application emphasizes a multifunctional environment. You can conduct OTC or P2P transactions, for example, see market news and candlestick charts and even use the app to track the hash rate from your bitcoin mining tool.

You can check KAN price here.

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