What is Binance Cloud? What is the special in “all-in-one” solution to launch a exchange?

After Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) first revealed about Binance Cloud on February 8, the new service was officially launched today.

What is Binance Cloud?

According to the announcement of Binance, Binance Cloud is an “all-in-one” service for customers and partners who want to open a new crypto exchange with technology, security, liquidity, custody services, etc. by Binance. The new facility will reflect the core functions of the Binance global exchange, from powerful matching tools, transaction risk control, and large data security systems, to previous market depth and liquidity. Only on Binance.com.


Source: Binance Cloud

Binance’s dedicated cloud solution will provide a way to set up cryptocurrency exchanges in each local market. Its features include spot and futures markets. As well as integrating local banking APIs and peer-to-peer exchange services from fiat to cryptocurrency. They also support the control panel for account management, multilingual functionality, coin listing, and trading pairs.

In the future, Binance plans to add more features such as staking, OTC, token issuance via IEO. The first fully-fledged digital asset trading platform by Binance Cloud will launch in early March 2020.

Binance and efforts to release many new products

Besides, under its Open Platform Initiative, Binance will develop new products in addition to P2P, brokerage, and cloud solutions, to provide more access to the cryptocurrency world.

CZ shared:

“With initiatives focused on expanding access to Binance’s technology and resources as a solution provider, we aim to limit the technical challenges of platforms and partners. They are dedicated to solving issues related to users and fiat, to scale up their adoption of crypto Binance Cloud is a set of products that are lacking in the market. Share Binance’s quality experience across different brands, communities, and markets across the globe.”

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