What is BiBox? How to Register on BiBox?

What is a BiBox?

Bibox is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. Bibox has precursors of OKCoin and Houbi. You wonder where Bitbox is based when China has banned all operating platforms? To avoid the ban from this country, BiBox has been based and developed in Estonia and Japan.

Bibox currently has 50 developers working mainly in Beijing and New York. In addition, the platform was developed by leading Blockchain and cryptocurrency researchers, including co-founder of OKCoin and members of the Huobi team.

Advantages of Bibox

  • Developed the native coin named Bibox Token (BIX). This point resembles the Huobi with Huobi Token or Binance with Binance Coin.
  • Bibox has a low transaction fee of 0.1%. If you trade with BIX, the transaction fee will be only 0.05% / time. This number is much cheaper than the average of other exchanges.
  • Bibox supports a wide range of applications: Bibox is available as website, mobile, html5, webchat, and also AI transaction assistant.
  • BiBox provides Margin market.

Disadvantages of Bibox

  • Price chart is designed for professional traders. This will cause difficulties for new users.
  • The number of coins listed on Bibox is limited.
  • Not many users know it, mostly popular in China.

What is Bibox Token (BIX)?

Bibox Token (BIX) is a native token of Bibox, built according to ERC-20 standard of Ethereum Blockchain. Bibox Token was once released via ICO.

On Bibox, BIX helps owners reduce transaction costs and receive other incentives of the exchange. Specifically, users of BIX will receive a 50% discount on all trading fees on Bibox in the first year. The percentage discount will be halved each year, for example to 25% for year 2, 12.5% ​​for year 3, 6.25% for year 4 and 0% in year 5.

Like BNB of Binance, KCS of Kucoin, BIX has a huge investment value because it is the coin of the exchange, which will create a lot of conditions to increase prices.

Instruction to register a Bibox account

To create an account, users need to perform the following order:

Step 1: Click here to be directed to the account registration page and complete the information as required.

* Note: There are many cases of URL spoofing, so you should bookmark this link so that you do not mistakenly access fraudulent sites.

Step 2: You access the email and click on the link just sent to confirm. You will be successfully verified as shown below.

* Note: A confirmation link can be sent in Spam or Advertising, please check your entire inbox.

Step 3: After successful login, you will be redirected to the Account page as shown:

  • Turn on security with Google Authentication

Under Account section, scroll down to Google Authentication and click “Enable”.

To complete this step, download the Google Authentication application to your phone and scan the QR code on the screen. Then enter the password and 6 random numbers then click “Confirm”.

  • Start the Funds Password function (ensure the property is safer when withdrawing coins from the exchange

Under Account, scroll down to Funds Password line and click “Set”.

To complete this step, create a password at “Set Funds Password” and re-enter the Funds Password. Then enter your login password and Google Authenticator code and click “Confirm the Change”.

  • Identity verification

In Account section, you switch to tab “Profile Verification” to perform identity verification. Prepare three photos of the front, back, portrait and ID card (or Passport).

Then click “Wordwide” to conduct identity verification.

Is Bibox exchange reputable?

Until now, Bibox has not been “touched” by hackers or is related to scams and user scams. And users are growing rapidly, the community is growing.

However, we cannot guarantee 100% Bibox reputation because the cryptocurrency market always has unexpected fluctuations, it takes time to experience and draw for the best experience for us.

However, this is still a very interesting exchange. If you have not found a trusted place, you should consider adding Bibox to the review list!

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