What is Aurora (AOA)?

Aurora (AOA) is a blockchain platform that provides smart contracts that use DPOS + BFT consensus mechanism to handle contracts at a very fast rate, helping to link several industries with such as game field, Big Data, AI and IoT become easier. The platform intends to provide a blockchain ecosystem that will promote a high TPS (Transaction Per Second) structure with high security.

Aurora uses both DPOS and BFT consensus mechanisms to form an effective peer-to-peer network and multi-asset support. These consensus protocols avoid all possible risks on the regular blockchain. Incoming transaction requests are facilitated by smarter waiting zone creation applications. This will help speed up the transaction on the Aurora blockchain.

Features of Aurora

Combining DPOS + BTF consensus mechanism: The combination of these two consensus mechanisms will facilitate high transaction processing speed and high transaction rates per second for platform users.

P2P Protocol: P2P protocols under different nodes allow users to have a direct connection for faster and more secure user communication.

Smart Isolation Application: Verified transactions will be processed in a pending region, thereby differentiating and monitoring each contract to ensure that applications will not interfere with each other.

Scalable Blockchain: Aurora is a scalable Blockchain platform for customers looking to replace older versions.

Grouping: Some nodes can form a cluster group naturally. With the teams participating in transaction verification and archiving, the cost of hosting of the users is reduced.

Multi-asset support: The encryption start-up process for asset types is simplified. Processing speed and scalability with levels similar to digital assets available.

Multi-chain parallel operation: Unlike single-chain structures, Aurora’s multi-chain structure allows for highly efficient transaction processing, and increases TPS to unlimited.


Christopher Mourey: Software Project Manager, Blockchain Writer / Content Marketer, Fintech Enthusiast and Crypto Investor.

Timothy Franklin: Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in developing and deploying smart contracts and Dapps. He has run a local crypto investment club and set up local meetups for new investors.

Allen Guan: Software Engineer, involved in the crypto space, have consulted for and helped build several blockchain projects, worked with developers from EOS, NEO and Ethereum platforms.

Ayode: Blockchain Entrepreneur, Blockchain-Crypto Advisor and Evangelist, Electrical Power Engineer, DST TCP Specialist (O&G) who has been involved in the Blockchain space since 2014.


In short, Aurora was launched as a new application based on the standard protocol and application of Ethereum will develop following the trend of creating decentralized platforms in the field of banking and the financial sector.

With advanced features, constantly evolving and stabilizing, Aurora provides users with an extensive, easy-to-access financial network. Aurora’s network, irrespective of location and time, will be of great benefit to users.

You can check AOA price here.

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