What is Ark?

Ark is an ecosystem designed to increase user acceptance of Blockchain technology. The development team wants to bring Blockchain to the mass public by building a “safe and fast-running core technology” with “practical services for real users.” Ark will be able to link other blockchains together through SmartBridge technology, providing instant services and scalability regardless of which platform you are using.

ARK is built on the same technology as Lisk or BitShares is Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). ARK coin holders can vote for one delegate at a time, voting for 51 delegates to find a new block. Delegates are allowed to validate transactions, receive rewards, and distribute the percentage of their choice to the voters.

What is the role of ARK on the platform?

ARK token is the main currency in the Ark network and it is used to pay transaction fees. One of the obvious advantages of passive income through Ark is the ability to make money without having to leave an online wallet. As long as you have voting, you have fulfilled your obligations, you will earn staking money. You can even store ARK on your Ledger Nano S and vote directly from the device.

In addition, ARK also contains many data messages on the network; they are like the Omni protocol. In particular, ARK tokens are used to pay transaction fees.

In each transaction, the transaction fee is currently set at 1.1 ARK along with an additional fee for voting for a delegate and multiple signals. The above reminds us of Lisk’s fee structure.

How does ARK works?

The Ark project development team is following its original goal of building special features that will help bring their ecosystem to bring Blockchain closer to the world.

  • SmartBridges technologies
  • Programming languages
  • Blockchain platforms are deployed with just a few buttons

SmartBridges technology is used to bridge the gap between separate blockchains through ARK’s core platform. Basically, ARK will become an intermediary between different chains that allow them to communicate with each other and trigger events on the chains – these are features that are not currently implemented on other platforms.

Enabling the SmartBridges feature on a thread becomes easy, just like inserting a piece of code that ARK provides.

As a result, exchanges like Coinbase and Shapeshift will also benefit from SmartBridges technology. These platforms can use encrypted Listeners that act as an intermediary for SmartBridge transactions.

Thanks to the integration with different programming languages, almost any developer can feel comfortable building ARK-based platforms. Currently, ARK has supported languages: Python, Elixer, RPC, Java, NET, Go, PHP / Laravel, API TypeScript, Nucleid, Ruby, Swift iOS, R, C, Advenced PowerShell, Rust, Kotlin and C ++ will be implemented soon.

Blockchain platforms deployed with just a few buttons can be easily used to create customized forks for ARK versions and thereby create their own projects. These forks will become the perfect tool for startups, thanks to the many great features from ARK. And what’s even better is that the chains deployed under this feature will automatically be equipped with SmartBridges modules.


Currently, the ARK team consists of many experts in different fields. ARK has core members from 11 different countries and territories. Some outstanding names are: François Thoorens, Rok Černec, Matthew Cox, Brian Faust … This is a special team; they embody a combination of many technologies, with knowledge and expertise. master.

Each member of the project has a unique professional advantage, creating an experienced team in different fields and contributing to creating a strong ARK development team.


Ark works steadily to bring interoperability and usability to the blockchain industry. The team realized that bringing a complex idea like blockchain technology to the public eye had to start with exemplary design.

If they continue to accomplish everything on their bold roadmap, then there is no doubt that this ecosystem could be one of the most influential catalysts in adopting blockchain technology.

You can check ARK price here.

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