What is Ardor (ARDR)?

Ardor (ARDR) is a Blockchain platform as a service (Blockchain-as-a-Service – BaaS). Ardor provides blockchain infrastructure for businesses and organizations to allow them to take advantage of blockchain technology without having to invest in other custom blockchain solutions. Instead, Ardor provides a main chain that addresses blockchain security and decentralization along with child chains that are available for different business applications.

Ardor was developed based on NXT’s Blockchain – a project aimed at democratizing access to blockchain. Ardor goes far beyond NXT when dealing with scalability, customization, and blockchain bloat issues. Ardor has now successfully launched the mainnet and switched to its own blockchain.

What are the goals Ardor aims for?

Ardor is supported by Blockchain NXT with its separation from security functions by creating multiple chains. Users will create a child chain, when they want to perform a certain project because child chains have features and custom capabilities on NXT.

These child chains can apply specific custom cases, and it receives features like speed upgrades, security and usability of the main chain, since they are all integrated on a foundation.

In the future, Ardor uses a new transaction trimming system so each node does not need to keep a copy of the transaction history. However, Ardor will also support storage nodes to retain transaction history if needed.

The main features of Ardor

Advanced architecture: The Ardor platform allows companies to build their products and services using child chains while relying on the security provided by the main blockchain.

Energy efficiency: The Ardor platform uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm that eliminates mining competition. Therefore network nodes can use low energy and save hardware.

Blockchain bloat solution: Child chain transactions can be removed from the blockchain once they are verified. The goal is to keep the blockchain practical compact and efficient.

Reliable and easy to use blockchain: Ardor is built on NXT’s 4 years of manufacturing experience and is developed in the Java language. This is the most popular development language for commercial applications.


The Ardor project was launched on January 1, 2018 by Jelurida. Jelurida is also the main development team of NXT and Ignis. Jelurida team has many years of Blockchain development experience; the team has been in operation since 2013. The members of Jelurida’s research team have extensive and respectable experience with over 4 years of experience in creating and maintaining Blockchain code maintenance.


Ardor is doing some pretty important work when thinking about new ways to structure infrastructure and secure blockchain. If done correctly, the end result can be a solution that any business can do. It will require extensive technical expertise or ongoing maintenance.

Finally, the next one or two years will probably prove the most important moment for Ardor. If the project can prove itself to be a viable development platform for some important projects, then it can prove to be a good long-term bet.

You can check ARDR price here.

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