What is Ampleforth (AMPL)?

Ampleforth (AMPL) is a protocol, which is a digital asset protocol for money – smart goods. Specifically, Ampleforth Protocol will receive rate predictions from reliable sources. They then give this information to Ample Token holders.

AMPL token, designed to be used as collateral for decentralized banking systems. As well as an alternative base currency for the crypto economy. AMPL acts as an ERC-20 token on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Ampleforth (AMPL) can be considered as a general commodity currency. Its supply can be changed to meet the needs of the economy.

The Ampleforth protocol’s implementation of the opposite economic policy sets it apart from other protocols. If the demand for AMPL increases, the supply of tokens also increases to compensate for the price changes. This contradictory nature is desirable from an investment perspective, as it gives AMPL a low correlation with BTC and ETH.

Ampleforth’s goal is to bring commodity money without being limited to items that have limited supply and issuance, like Bitcoin and gold.

How does AMPL work?

AMPL is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but there’s one twist: supply changes every day

AMPL numbers are subject to change per day

The AMPL protocol automatically adjusts the supplies according to the needs. When the price is high, the wallet balance increases. When the price is low, the wallet balance decreases.

Never be diluted by supply inflation

AMPL is undiluted. Supply adjustments are universally and accordingly applied across all wallet balances. This means your percentage of network ownership remains fixed.

This solves the problem of diversification

Today’s cryptocurrencies are dangerously correlated. AMPL’s unique incentives allow it to separate from Bitcoin’s price model. This reduces systemic risk by adding diversity to a homogeneous ecosystem.

This solves the inelastic problem

Like precious metals, today’s fixed-supply cryptocurrencies are susceptible to sudden demand shocks and cannot be used to denote complex contracts. As a result, sophisticated economies cannot be built on top of them. The AMPL is the simplest direct solution to the inelastic supply problem.

Use cases

The core utility of the AMPL is to serve as a medium of exchange. Ampleforth can scale its supply to meet the needs of billions of users. But it is also possible to limit the supply contract if it has only 1,000 users.

AMPL in portfolio theory: As an anti-censorship asset with unique traces of volatility, incompatible with stocks, commodities, or other digital assets allowing opportunities to diversify.

AMPL as ‘Coin Trader’: When the price of AMPL moves from 1 USD onwards, the protocol decreases and increases supply, creating short and long-term trading opportunities that do not exist for any other digital asset.

AMPL token as a store of value.

The AMPL token as a currency: The price is stable, but not a stable currency. In the long run, Ampleforth aims for the AMPL to be global money. It is an independent currency, not limited by collateral, and it has a stable price point – a single important set of features.


Evan Kuo – Engineer / Product

Evan is a lover of art and math. He was previously the CEO of Pythagoras Pizza and has extensive experience developing predictive auction products and working with venture capital. Evan holds a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley where he has been studying the combination of ME & CS with research focused on Robot.

Brandon Iles – Engineer / Architect

Brandon spent more than 5 years in Google Search Ranking and Machine Intelligence teams and then worked on Uber’s Ranking and Relevance team. He likes the interference of System, Data, and Intelligence. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Rice University.

Richy Qiao – Business / Operations

Richy spent four years in NYC as a consultant, leading more than a dozen projects for clients such as Morgan Stanley, DTCC, and Visa. In 2017, he packed up his luggage and started his full-time crypto journey in Beijing at IDG Capital. Richy is currently a Venture Partner at FBG Capital and enjoys skiing, Buffalo Bills, music, and poetry. He holds a BA in Economics from Yale.



Commodities such as gold, silver,.. cannot be met when the demand changes, making them unable to replace bank currencies. Also, one of the closest examples is Bitcoin (BTC) – the price is always volatile.

To solve the problem, the Ampleforth team builds an integrated commodity to provide price information. In other words, AMPL is trying to create an ideal, independent, and fair currency, to meet all monetary functions today.

You can check AMPL price here.

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