What is Akropolis (AKRO)?

As a project, Akropolis (AKRO) mission is to provide people with the tools to save, develop and provide the future safely and without dependence on geography, central counterparty, or falling prey to predatorial financial practices of multiple intermediaries.
Akropolis built AkropolisOS, the modular and light framework for creating DAO for profit. The customizable user preferences, automatic liquidity enabled by the bonding curve mechanism, treasury management, and programmatic liquidity.

Sparta is the first product that allows taking undercollateralized loans, as well as to passively generate yield via integrated yield rebalancer to get maximum available APR from different Decentralized Finance protocols. All funds are pooled, and the internal economy is based on a bonding curve, providing additional incentives for users.

Another product under development is Delphi, a pool that allows the average cost in dollars to move into BTC & ETH automatically (thus diversifying long-term portfolios) and participating in different yield harvesting possibilities (earning COMP, BAL, etc).

What is AKRO token?

AKRO is a utility token.
AKRO is the token used within the Akropolis network. The dev team introduced it as a governance token and utility token. Currently, AKRO is an ERC-20 Token. On the project’s Telegram, the admin confirmed that the dev team plans to launch Mainnet and AKRO will be their native token.

Features of Akropolis

  • No bank account needed
  • DeFi integration for continuous savings
  • No need for long-term lockups to get interest – continuous interest payment
  • Resistance to fraud or manipulation
  • Provable solvency
  • Ability to receive funds even if the organization dissolves or fails
  • Scaling potential to co-operative bank model
  • User incentives to develop the network, lower the cost of use and speed-up the delivery of services
  • Full funds ownerships in a trustless way: funds are stored in an on-chain ledger where only verified users with permissions have access to them
  • Keep financial records transparent, real-time, invariant for all users – solve fraud and minimize money misuse through multi-signature fund deployment
  • Programmable immutable smart-contracts that allow users to create automated financial algorithms. The algorithms implement the functionality of existing financial instruments and create a large array of novel financial tools.

Benefits of Akropolis


Access the lending market from anywhere.


No centralized party to rely on to lend or borrow. Your pension fund cannot be raided; this bank account cannot be closed.


Real-time NAV, immutable, and auditable lend/borrow/invest transactions 24/7/365.
Portable track record.

Portable track record

Seamlessly port your track record of contributions and credit to another LAO / DAO / Capital pool.


Borrow with little to no collateral, build up your reputation and develop your economics.


Ana Andrianova – CEO & Founder

Ana Andrianova is an experienced special situation investment professional with a strong interest in decentralization and blockchain. A regulated fund management professional and a board member of the managed private equity fund, she is an Advisor for the Web3 Foundation, and she has analyzed and transacted over $ 3.5 billion and advises on $ 300 million in credit transactions and private equity.

Kate Kurbanova – Co-Founder, Operations & People

As the second hire in a fintech startup Cindicator that has gone to raise $ 15mn for its Hybrid Intelligence platform in September 2017, Kate was one of the authors of the Cindicator whitepaper and token model, whilst playing an instrumental role as a community manager in what was one of the most popular organic crowd sales.

Alex Maz – Technology Lead

Blockchain engineer, educator and co-founder of St. Petersburg Peter meeting, Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Machine Learning. He has 16 scientific publications focusing on natural language identification and 10 commercially deployed applications in his name.


Akropolis is a blockchain project in the field of finance. The project seeks to create a new generation of digital finance. Where the participants freely operate, exchange, trust with each other without being managed, or depend on any other 3rd party intermediaries. Blockchain is used to create economic incentives for all participants and it will replace third parties.

You can check AKRO price here.

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