What is AirSwap (AST)?

AirSwap (AST) is a token trading platform based on Ethereum and designed to ensure customer privacy and security. AirSwap offers a fast and convenient way to exchange ERC20 tokens on a P2P peer network by off-chain agreement and in-chain transactions. AirSwap was created with the purpose of providing customers with fast and efficient global transaction service without intermediaries and transaction fees.

AirSwap is a platform for peer-to-peer trading of Ethereum tokens, which means that users trade their tokens directly with each other. The platform is decentralized because AirSwap does not control user funds and transactions are made through smart contracts.

The AirSwap platform works by having users communicate with each other about the tokens and prices they want to exchange. When both parties are ready to exchange, the Swap Protocol, which is the Ethereum smart contract, will then make the transaction.

The platform has the advantage of a decentralized exchange in that users have complete control over their money until the trade is made.

AST Token

AST Token is a fundamental part of AirSwap’s platform. AST is designed to provide two utilities. Firstly, holding the AST will allow the trader to add “commercial purpose” to the index. This is a signal to those who intend to buy or sell tokens of the Ethereum platform. Secondly, the AST allows traders to vote on the right to manage the role of Oracles in the platform.

Features of AirSwap

No fees

No complicated trading to fees calculate. Truly peer-to-peer.

No deposits

Always maintain full control of your tokens until they are traded.

No sign-ups

No need to sign up with personal information. Just connect and trade.


Easy-to-use design to buy or sell your tokens in under a minute.


Rated the # 1 safest Ethereum DEX. Security is our top priority.


Easy onboarding for makers. Trade any size at competitive prices.

Benefits of AirSwap

The protocol that AirSwap creates has the following three benefits:

  • Safety and security: Decentralization helps protect you and your property. And you have complete control over your account during the transaction. If AirSwap is under attack, it will help keep your assets under control.
  • Privacy: Blockchain technology is developed as a transfer technology for online P2P transactions. Airswap harnesses the power of blockchain as a frictionless, globally accessible network, providing private support and secure exchange between peer networks.
  • Fairness: Airswap is based on a swap protocol and a P2P protocol, and the Ethereum platform, smart contracts are therefore very fair to everyone.


AirSwap is headquartered in Hong Kong and is led by co-founders Michael Oved and Don Mosites.

Michael Oved graduated from Carnegie Mellon School, from Los Angeles. He is a veteran cryptocurrency trader with experience at trading company Virtu.

Don Mosites is an entrepreneur, product designer and programming engineer with more than 10 years of experience building products for Google, Zynga and other companies. He is also a graduate student from Carnegie Mellon.


AirSwap.io continues to add features and enhancements to their trading platform. While there are many advantages to peer-to-peer transactions, this type of exchange also has many challenges, such as the lack of partners willing to make transactions. To overcome this challenge, AirSwap is creating new tools to make it easier for users to find partners to make transactions automatic, complete and more seamless.

You can check AST price here.

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